You Never Know When A High Quality Rope Is Needed! Could Be For Camping Or Moving! Check Here!

Paracord is a strong and highly versatile rope with nearly innumerable uses, benefits, and applications. In simple words, it is a must-have for hikers, campers. 

If you are going on hiking or camping, do not forget to keep a Lanyard Rope Survival Tool. The rope is strong and will make your camping/hiking task a lot easier.

This rope is made by a combination of 7 strong nylon ropes. All the seven ropes are wrapped in a braided nylon wrapper. Due to this, some even call it ‘550 cord.’ Get Lanyard Rope Survival Tool today and plan an adventure.


Material: standard parachute cord 

Color: Blue, red, black, orange, army green.


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It is around 1/8 inch in diameter with a breaking strength of 550 lbs. 


This rope is highly durable no matter how many times it will be used. It is flexible and can be used for a very long time.

Light Weight

It is easy to carry and light in weight. 225 feet of rope weighs around 1 pound or even less than that.

Rot- Proof

Lanyard rope is rot-proof, which is a big benefit for long-term use and storage.  If you use this rope for outdoor purposes like boating, hiking, or camping, you can store them in a safe place till you need it on your next adventure.

Works as towing device

Many times you need to pull heavy objects, like pulling logs for a campfire. To make this work easy, you will need the support of a strong rope. With the help of a rope, you can pull any large object that you want to move from one place to another. Get yourself a Lanyard Rope Survival Tool to make your task easier and save you a lot of energy too.

Water and Mildew Resistant

Even if the rope gets wet in the water, it will dry very quickly. 


Lanyard Rope has the ability to separate the inner strands. This makes it extremely unique and highly useful.

Take Anywhere

Do not travel without ropes; you can store it easily inside your bag.  You never know when you need a rope to help someone or to help others if they need one. 

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Uses Of Lanyard Rope

  • Tent and Pole support, building shelters
  • Tarp Tie Down
  • Tow Line
  • Equipment Guy-lines
  • Shoe Lace, Boot Lace
  • Clothes Line
  • Survival kit
  • Garden Lines
  • Shelter Making
  • Fire Bow
  • Survival kit

So, these are some pros and cons of the Lanyard rope survival tool. It is clear that the pros outnumbered the cons, so wait for nothing and get it today and add it to your adventure kit.


Clearly, the pros of using lanyard rope are vast, and due to this, these ropes can be used for various purposes.

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