Wrong Nutrition Facts You Must Not Believe


Do you think you have no wrong notions about nutrition? Every week there is contradictory diet advice. Here we pick up the flaws in the nutritional information we have.

Everything about nutrition we know or believe may be wrong. For instance, Eggs once fell from being a staple breakfast item to an item that was harmful to the heart. However, within a few years, the dietary guidelines reversed, and health experts said that eating eggs has no adverse effect. There is a long list of such myths about the food we believe in, but in reality, the scientific and clinic research shows another truth. Here we explore such myths, which indicate that everything we know about nutrition is wrong and we should work towards correcting them.

Why Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong?
Why Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong?

Myth Busters About Wrong Nutrition Beliefs

These are some common nutrition facts you know, but they are all wrong. It is time to correct them:

Carbohydrates Are Bad For You Is A Wrong Nutrition Notion 

Carbohydrates are essential as they provide energy for our body functions and daily activities. Depriving oneself of carbohydrate scab leads to serious medical issues like toxins, ketonic or heart problems.

Fat In Food Leads To Obesity Is Not True 

Fat nourishes the brain, nerves ad every cell in the body. Fat helps to keep the skin and hair healthy. It acts as an insulator for the body, keeping the body temperature optimal. Fat is also essential for energy. 

Fresh Produce Of Fruits And Vegetables Is Healthier Than Frozen Ones 

The fruits and vegetables ripen, and their sugar content rises as they get overripe and the nutritional content deteriorates. Frozen foods, on the other hand, are frozen instantly after harvest, which prevents nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great when eaten fresh, and hence frozen ones have no harm.

Vegan Diets Are Healthier 

A vegetarian diet being healthy depends on vegetarian foods one ears. For instance, if you turn vegan and eat a diet full of cheese and salted chips, it would be technically vegan but unhealthy. Avoiding meat and dairy products one lacks in proteins, and saturated fats that come with it. 

Why Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong?
Why Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong?

A Gluten-Free Diet Is Healthy Is A Misconception. 

Unless you have legitimate reasons for avoiding gluten or suffer from the coeliac disease, there is no reason to adopt a gluten-free diet. Due to the presence in the rye, wheat, and barley, gluten is present in many carbohydrates based food items. Gluten is there in biscuits, cakes, pies, and pastries too. Hence gluten is not so healthy. One can also lose out on essential nutrients worth a gluten-free diet. It may be the reason that gluten is said to be unhealthy. But apart from these items, gluten is present in food with a boost of proper nutrients.

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Why Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong?
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