Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that will give you thrills like no other. The high that comes with climbing to new heights in itself is enough to get your adrenaline rushing and your blood pumping. Climbers have even coined the term “climbers high” to describe the authentic feeling given to those who participate in climbing. Climbers high is the adrenaline rush you get while climbing and the rewarding feeling once you have tackled the climbing course or route you have set out to overcome.

Now that you know a little bit about what rock climbing is and the thrills it brings, you can choose which type of rock climbing best suits your sporty needs.

Types of Rock Climbing

There are many types of rock climbing activities to choose from, here I will list down the top four that are the most interesting and bring the most fulfilling feeling or climbers high.

Aided Climbing

Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

As the title describes, aid climbing is rock climbing with the use of gears or other mechanical means to aid you to ascend. You use this method on rock faces that don’t have enough holds for free climbing, therefore the use of gears is needed for the ascent. This certainly gives you the thrills you seek as you ascend to new heights.

Roped Solo Climbing

Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

Roped Solo Climbing is one for of solo climbing wherein you have no partner to assist you during your climb. In terms of rock climbing; it is much safer than free climbing but less safe than top-rope climbing. In roped solo climbing, you have to ascend the section thrice. First to add anchors then again to remove the anchors as you descend. Therefore, you would need to travel the route successfully three times. Roped Solo Climbing is also called Rope Soloing.

Deep Water Soloing

Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

FReDeep water soloing is a form of rock climbing wherein you are climbing ropeless. Similar to free climbing, it relays on the ability to pull yourself up using solely your body. Additionally, it also relies on the presence of water at the base of the rock formation, which helps protect you from injury should fall occur. Deepwater Soloing is also known as psicobloc. This type of rock climbing lets you enjoy the beauty of nature.

Free Climbing

Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

Free climbing is when you make use of ropes and gear to protect you from any falls or injuries but not to aid you in climbing. The climbing is all up to your strength, agility, and flexibility to hoist yourself up to the rock formation. Free Climbing is a thrilling experience that leaves you to enjoy the elements with no restraint.

All these forms of rock climbing are best done outdoors so that you can enjoy the thrills of nature and marvel at its wonders. It can be quite rewarding to reach the top of a climb knowing that you got there on your own accord. The only type listed that must be done outdoors is the deep water soloing, or psicobloc. The rest can be opted to be done indoors first for practice before moving onto outdoor activities. In short, rock climbing is a great sport to get into as a way to get that adrenaline rush you seek. Further, it keeps you fit and healthy, which is great for your wellbeing.

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