Which Are The Gears You Must Add In Your Climbing Starter Kit

Climbing Starter Kit

In 2020, words like sports are outdoor activities are only heard from the news channels because they were banned for around 8-10 months. As the world is getting back to normal, many sportsmen are indulging in physical activities. Are you finding some new activity that should be highly competitive and energy-boosting for yourself? We would take only one name, which is ‘Rock Climbing.’

Rock climbing doesn’t grab the attention of many people, but seriously it’s a fantastic sport. As you have convinced yourself of this sport, where is your rock climbing starter kit. Today, let’s know the essential climbing essentials that beginners should add to their climbing kit.

Rock Climbing Shoes

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You can forget wearing your inners while climbing, but not the rock climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are essential for your feet to get a proper grip on the slippery stones. When it comes to buying rock climbing shoes, never hesitate to explore multiple shoe stores in one day.

While selecting, try different types of climbing shoes and check which ones are comfortable for you. Your ideal climbing shoes should never be too tight or loose. You should remember one thumb rule that not even a single inch gap should be there between the shoes and your toes. It is highly recommended to purchase rock climbing shoes only in the afternoon period.

Rock Climbing Helmet

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When it comes to climbing, you cannot think about not wearing a helmet. Believe it or not, a rock climbing helmet can sometimes protect you even if you fall. Now, you cannot pick any random helmet because you are not going to play cricket or baseball near the mountains.

When it comes to selecting, choose a rock climbing helmet that should fit your hand without a single inch gap. Whenever you are wearing a rock climbing helmet, tighten the straps and move your head in all directions to check the comfort level. You’ll wonder there is no need for a rock climbing helmet, but purchase once and thank us later in the comment box.


Carabiners are like metal rings that keep the climbing rope connected with the safety gears. As you are a beginner, select a locking carabiner ideal for using with the belay device. Carabiners are of multiple types; it’s better to visit the shop personally and choose the best one for yourself.

When it comes to selecting, choose a few models of carabiners according to your budget. Now, pick any model and see how it fits in your hand and how the gates are functioning. Before removing your credit card for the payment, try locking and unlocking carabiners multiple times and check whether any annoying noise is coming or not.

Final Thoughts

Now, when you have these gears, tighten your rock climbing shoes and grab your rock climbing starter kit. But before taking any further steps, seek assistance from a qualified climber, and he/she will show you the right way of scaling the hills.

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