What To Look For In A UTube Road Bike Steep Climbing Gear

utube road bike steep climbing gears

Utube Road Bike is a URT cycling company based in South Africa. The company’s focus lies mainly on producing high quality and stylish mountain bikes suitable for those who enjoy the sport. Utube is also known as one of the few companies in the world that specialize in creating high-performance road bikes. Their equipment is made out of high-quality materials so they can ensure you get the best riding experience every time. Utube also has a wide range of products for off-road use, stunt biking, touring, racing, track biking and mountain biking.

Reliable Traction

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A high-performance road bike needs good gears to make sure you are comfortable while going fast on rough terrain. It also needs reliable traction to make sure you don’t slip and fall. A good mountain bike, on the other hand, also requires a specific set of gears to be able to climb steep slopes. You should make sure that the steep climbing gear you buy is compatible with the type of road bike you have.

Choose The Right Variant

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There are basically two types of gears for vehicles: conventional and multiple speed. Because mountain bikes usually come with a single-speed drive system, it is only natural that you would choose the same gear system for your own bike. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy the same set of gears. You can use a rear cassette if you prefer, or you can change it to a front chain link for more efficiency.


Another important gear in a road bike is the derailleur. This is used to control the chain when going up or down the steep incline. It is attached directly to the sprocket by a cage or by a series of gears. This gear is very crucial because it allows you to stop immediately if you slip on the pedals. This might sound like an unnecessary piece of gear, but an efficient one will allow you to complete your climb without any delays at all. You should definitely invest in a good derailleur, especially if you are a serious rider.


One of the most important gears for your mountain bike is the brakes. They allow you to bring your bike to a halt abruptly, so you need to make sure they work perfectly before using them. You should always start on the easier gears first, and as you feel more confident, you can raise the level of the bigger gears.


A vital cog for the brakes is the calliper. It ensures that the rim stays on the wheels. Apart from this, you should also make sure that all the other components function properly. The chain guides the pedals, and without it, you cannot do any pedal strokes. This is particularly important when you are pedalling up steep slopes. Other important cogs include the brake and the disc brakes.

Right Pedals

You should also make sure that you have the right pedals. It is quite common for most people to use the wrong shoes when riding a mountain bike. It can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right ones. Apart from the right shoes, you should also make sure that you wear the right socks and clothes. It helps to keep your feet warm, so you should make sure they are dry before going out.


Another important piece of gear to have is the harness. The U-bend should be tight enough, but it should not be too tight. This lets you control your bike easily and prevents the straps from getting twisted. You should always tighten these straps, as they are very weak.

Wrapping Up

Make sure of while shopping for these gears is to ensure that you buy them from a reputable store. Some of the stores sell cheap gears, which are of no use while riding a steep climbing bicycle.

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