What Are the Key Features to Look for in a Mountain Climbing Machine

mountain climbing machine

A mountain climbing machine uses both power and acceleration forces to climb steep slopes. This type of climbing device usually requires two people to operate the equipment. The climber places his or her feet in the foot pedals and applies force to the pedals by depressing the foot pedals. The force applied to the pedals applies traction to the ground, which helps the feet to move upward. The climber also applies a downward force to the pedals. The force of gravity pulls the machine’s suspension system upward, which causes the machine to move upward.

The Internal Combustion Engine

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An internal-combustion engine (ECU) controls the operation of a mountain-climbing machine. The ECU manages the amount of air fuel to be burned, monitors and adjusts air pressure, and varies the RPM (rate of rotation of the engine) to provide the best possible engine operating conditions for the climber. Most modern day mountain-climbing machines have computers that keep track of the amount of energy required to climb, the distance covered, and other parameters. Other parameters such as the highest vertical leap achieved, highest heart rate reached, and the time it took to reach the top have been recorded as well. Data such as these are stored in computer memory chips inside the mountain climber’s climbing equipment.

The Rollers

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The two parts of the mountain-climbing machine that need to be in place are the front roller, and the back roller. The front roller is what runs up and down the mountain, while the back roller is used to apply traction to the mountain. Both rollers must be attached to the frame of the machine. The front roller moves upward and downward along a path that are pre-planned. The rear roller is used to apply traction to the mountain slope.

Calculating The Energy Consumption

Calculating the energy consumption of running, or climbing on a mountain-climbing machine with a slope of fifteen degrees would require one to multiply the time it takes to move five hundred feet by fifteen, to arrive at the amount of energy consumed at a certain pace. This is called Treadmill Energy Consumption. Calculating energy consumption of running uphill at a rate of three miles per hour, the roller will consume thirteen thousandths of a horsepower, or thirteen hundred feet of torque, to go up a ten percent grade.

A treadmill or elliptical trainer can be used for treadmill exercise, but can also be used for mountain climbing machine exercise. To arrive at the calories burned, divide the total distance walked or ran, times the calories burned, times twenty-four, then round the number to the nearest whole minute. Multiply, this by the number of calories burned. This is the amount of energy used for an hour of treadmill exercise. If it were the case that someone chose to climb a fifteen-degree slope, she could expect to burn about seven thousand nine hundred calories. If she climbed a twelve-degree slope, she would need to burn about sixteen thousand nine hundred calories.

The Other Key Features

When considering a cardio climber or cross country skier, consider purchasing one with the highest foldable maximum weight capacity. High weight capacity means the unit can hold more people. The foldable maximum weight capacity should allow the person to climb hills, mountains, and other surfaces without folding during travel. Look for a product with an aluminum frame and wheels with rubber on the tires. It should also have a shock absorber, so the user is not jarred during travel.

There are several features to consider when purchasing a multi-use equipment like a folding mountain climber. The seat should recline fully in three positions, and lock in a secure position during transport. The handlebar should be easy to use with a thumb control, and easy to adjust while in use. The foot straps should support the climber’s ankles properly during transport. Some models come with a foot pump, which is helpful for those who enjoy rock climbing.

When considering a multi-use equipment like a mountain climber, consider it’s strength, durability, and weight capacity. If the strength, durability, and weight capacity of the equipment is good, it will last longer. When looking for the right equipment, look for a manufacturer that offers a warranty on their equipment. Test the durability of the mount by holding it in your hand. Choose one with an aluminum frame and sturdy wheels. It should also have a shock absorber and gear adjustable.

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