Wall Climbing Gears that you should have to get started

wall climbing gears

Climbing is the most fun and fabulous workout. While climbing, every muscle of our body is strained and this is an amazing cardiovascular workout. Climbing burns calories that is equivalent to any high-intensity activity like resistance workout or spinning. Climbing walls does not need many pieces of equipment. If you are a beginner, then you can hire these items. Once you get comfortable, you can buy your kit.

Climbing Holds

Climbing Gears

Crimps or chips are usually small climbing holds that are used for indoor rock climbing. Chips are usually used to hold foot but at advanced levels, they are also used to support hands. These holds are usually important for beginners in wall climbing as they need more support and strength for climbing walls.

Belay Device

Climbing Gears

A belay device is a brake in a wall climbing rope that acts by applying friction to it. This is a very important piece of equipment for climbing and it prevents the climbers from falling by applying friction. They have two holes to offer different types of friction for the rope. Belay devices improve the safety of the climbers and they are usually made of aluminum or alloy.


A carabiner is a sort of shackle or a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate. They perform a variety of climbing tasks like attaches the climber to the rope or attaching the climbing rope to the climbing nut. To get started with climbing, one needs at least ten express quickdraws and two locking carabiners. They attach the rope to anchor or connect two ropes. It is a vital safety and connecting equipment for wall climbing.

Crash Pad

Crash pads are essential for any climbing activity as it acts as a foam layer between the climber and ground to lessen the impact of falling. If a climber loses their balance and falls then this pad acts as a falling bed and prevents any major injury of the climber.

Climbing Rope

Both physical and mental strength is developed by climbing rope. The climbers use it to get a grip and climb up the wall. This activity builds the muscles and upper body of the climber. Usually, climbing ropes have a diameter of 10 mm or more. If the ropes are thin, then they become lightweight and exert lesser drag.

Climbing harness

Most of the climbing harnesses feature adjustable leg loops. A harness is used to secure a person to the rope. The harness is tied around the waist of a climber and is quite uncomfortable but vital for safety reasons. The harness is then attached to the climbing rope to attach the climber to the rope and make sure the rope is always taut.


Rock climbing gears are many. There are only a few items mentioned above. Some other rock climbing gears are training boards, rock climbing shoes, helmets, quickdraws, etc. All these types of equipment have their own set of important usage. Climbing is a very intensive and healthy way to lose weight. It is an aerobic activity and nowadays wall climbing is present in most of the gyms.

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