Ultimate Rock Climbing Tips

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Rock climbing is a difficult sport. If you have decided to foray into the vertical, you can do with some ultimate tips and techniques.

Before you Begin

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There are different types of rock climbing activities. From climbing peaks to bouldering at your local gym, it is all know as rock climbing. So, before you begin, you must first try bouldering a wall at your local gym. If you can do that and then want to enhance this activity, you must consider joining a professional rock climbing class.

Essential Rock Climbing Beginner Tips

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  • Use your feet while climbing. Do not climb with your hands, knees or any other body parts. Most beginners overlook this technique. A human’s lower body is stronger than its upper body and hence one should exert pressure from your feet.
  • Most weight should be focused on your skeleton. Do not put more weight on your muscles. When you hang from holds, you must keep your arms straight and do not flex them. This will give time to your arm muscles to relax.
  • Your feet should be quiet while rock climbing. Some beginners get hurried or scared. They end up scraping their feet as they climb. They also waste energy while trying to find holds. It is best to find a route that is less than your limit and them try to climb it with your feet as quietly and calmly as possible. Once you find a foothold, place your foot on hit and then step up, remaining calm all the way.
  • It is also important to rest more when it is possible. Resting is a good thing while rock climbing as your muscles need to regain their energy. You can drop one or both your arms and use that time to rest and recover your muscles.
  • Your core should be engaged always. You must practice building a stronger core for better balance and stability while rock climbing or climbing a wall. If you learn to engage your core more, you will also realize its importance later.
  • It is natural to get Elvis leg while rock climbing. It is a phenomenon when your leg starts shaking uncontrollably out of fear. This happens when there is not enough oxygen in the body. This can be very dangerous. You need to breathe and take deeper and calmer breaths to regain yourself. This one is an important technique to calm your mind and focus more.
  • While climbing, remember to engage yourself in positive small talks with yourself. This will give a strong mental boost to your brain and also calm it. you must recognize that you are pushing yourself to climb further. If you get scared in the process, this technique will help you regain your confidence.

These are some of the best rock climbing beginner tips to get started and reach a pro level soon.

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