Trad Climbing Checklist For Climbers

Trad Climbing Checklist

Trad climbing is the oldest mountaineering technique. It is one of the best sports activities that are fun and exciting. Mainly because people experience variant weather conditions along the way. It is not important to reach the summit, but the experience people have on their way counts. In order to have safe and successful climbing experience, safety accessories are very important. It not only helps you along the way but makes it fun. After all, you don’t want to fall sick on the midway to summit due to weather conditions. The weather is variant along the way and differs at the different stages. It might be warm at the base while extreme windy on the way. Therefore you must always be ready with your accessories.

Trad Climbing Checklist
Trad Climbing Checklist

The Basic Requirements Of Trad Climbing

When you go for trad climbing, you need various accessories and gears for a successful climb. There are various basic requirements that you must carry. Some of them are listed below.

The rope is the basic essential item that you must carry, along with the rappel gadgets. Take along a large locking carabiner for the rappel. Make sure that you carry extra cabiners both locking and unlocking. You also need nuts, hexes, cams, chalk, guidebook, etc. A gear sling is an essential item to carry for trad climbing.

Personal Accessories

Other than the climbing basic equipment, there are various other personal basic tools that are a must for trad climbing.

The helmet is an essential safety gear that saves you from major head injuries. Harness, rock shoes, and gloves are some of the other necessary tools. You can also carry sunglasses, sunscreen, first aid kit and many more.

Trad Climbing Checklist
Trad Climbing Checklist

Clothes And Gears

There are various other factors that you need to consider before going climbing. You need various accessories to guide you and keep you safe. One of these is a map. You can also carry compass, GPS trackerand flashlights. However, do not forget to carry extra batteries along with you. A knife can help you in case of emergencies. A waterproof container will help you to carry lighters and matchboxes. Often climbers are lost or injured, in such emergency cases, a two-way radio is of great help. Some other essential items are a water bottle, cell phone, energy bars, insulation clothes, rain jackets, repair items, etc.

Some Other Personal Items

There are various other personal items that you must carry for your cibing experience. However, these are totally personal and will help you in many ways.

Toilet Paper

Hand sanitizer








Insect repellent


There are various items that a climber requires in his journey. Either it is mountaineering or rock climbing, both are dangerous and require tools to have a proper guide and protection. Trad climbing is an old technique and very dangerous. Therefore, climbers must carry the tools for proper protection and safety.

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