Tips For Strength Training Your Rock Climbing Body

rock climbing strength training

Rock climbing is an excellent way to get fit and improve your overall health. Rock climbing actually strengthens your whole body because it works out both the muscles and the bones in your body. Rock climbing also works out all of the smaller muscles in your body, which can help you tone them up and look great at the same time. Rock climbing is a challenging sport that anyone can take part in without any previous experience. Even children can take part in rock climbing if they are supervised by an adult.

Rock climbing needs some sort of core full-body strength, which few other exercises or workouts can provide. Rock climbing actually helps you develop your core muscles, which is a great way to lose weight and tone up in general. Hanging leg extension is the simplest version of full-body rock climbing strength training.

Rock Climbing Strength Training

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You can do a lot of pull-ups and chin-ups with a hang board. To do pull-ups you need to pull yourself up with your palms facing down. Once you have pulled yourself up, you can bend your knees and pull yourself up until your chest is about level with your head. You can use a normal pull-up bar or put a pull-up bar next to your bench and do pull-ups there.

Other exercises for your grip strength include fingerless ring exercises, fingerless toe exercises, and knuckle exercises. All of these exercises will increase your grip strength. There are hundreds of different types of finger exercises that you can do with a fingerboard. The fingerless toe exercises involve your pinky, ring, and middle fingers while the knuckle exercises involve your thumb, index, and middle finger.

Rock climbing training plans will also focus on endurance. Endurance exercises are used to train your body for long-distance hikes, speed workouts, and strength training. One of the best endurance exercises is swimming. There are several swimming exercises that you can do. Swimming is an effective way to train your body for an endurance event such as a triathlon.

A Much Ado

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For speed exercises, you can run, bike, or climb stairs. For climbing the best home climbing training equipment is a mountain rock climbing harness. It is essential to do a little research on the types of harnesses available so you can select one that will support your lifestyle. A good rock climbing harness is made out of high-quality material and has the ability to be adjusted for both width and length.

Your core strength is determined by your grip strength and your endurance. Rock climbing training equipment that focuses on these aspects will be much more effective in improving your core strength. The only drawback to this type of equipment is that it does not allow you the same flexibility as free weight training equipment. Free weights allow you to perform a wide range of exercises while a mountain rock climbing harness allows you to do few if any, exercises.

Bottom Line

As far as grip strength training is concerned, you can strengthen both your grip strength and your pulling power with a simple exercise known as the wrist rocket. This exercise targets your wrist muscles and works them to the point where they are forced to work hard. To perform this exercise simply grab a two-handed rock or other size rock and bring it down towards your body using only your forearm and wrist. This should produce a cracking sound as the rock makes contact with your body from the front. You should feel the crack of the rock as it slides down your arm.

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