The Red Rock Climbing Center in Vail

red rock climbing center

The Red Rock Climbing Center is home to some of the best climbing in the world. Located just minutes from Red Rock Canyon, this indoor climbing center has more than 8 thousand square feet of real climbing area. If you are the kind who gets tired easily, new climbing routes replace old ones very often. The indoor climbing walls have been strategically placed to make climbing easy and fun for people of all ages.

The indoor climbing walls are made of durable cinder blocks, making them resistant to water, insects, rust, and fire. Different colored rock holds make it easier to follow a specific route. There are two main areas in the Climbing Center, the South Rim, and the North Rim. These areas feature climbers of all skill levels including beginners. There is a small parking lot where climbers can park their vehicles and climb on the climbing walls.

Red Rock Climbing Center

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Inside the Red Rock Climbing Center, there are two different styles of climbing: indoor and outdoor climbing. Indoor routes are usually made of a mix of old and new school climbing moves and classics. Outdoor climbs are shorter and much steeper, allowing climbers to move up and down the rock wall much faster.

One popular feature of the Red Rock Climbing Center is the top-rope tower. The top-rope tower offers an impressive view of the canyon, allowing climbers an eerie feeling that they are almost in the clouds. Other attractions include the Jack Kerouac boulders, which contain long and difficult boulders that were used by the legendary mountaineer. Other notable places to explore include the Day West Ridge, the Sunshine Chair, and the Cedar Point Lodge.

The radical overhangs are located on the southern rim of the canyon. The route called the Butterer Route starts at the lower end of the canyon, but takes climbers up to the very top of a sheer rock face. It includes steep rock gardens, steep sandstone chimneys, and massive battered walls. Other famous routes include the Yosemite Triple Peak, which includes three world-class routes; King Swing, which is a popular sandstone route; and the Windy Point, which is a combination of routes. The Radical Overhangs route also has its own photo gallery.

A Much Ado

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The main attraction for climbers visiting the Red Rock Climbing Center is the climbing gym. There are several indoor climbing gyms inside and several that offer outdoor climbing walls. Climb to your heart’s content with indoor climbing walls and lead climbing shoes. The walls are available in many sizes, from small, medium, and large. If you have never climbed on a rock wall before, the climbing gym staff can help you select the right size and type of climbing harness for your needs.

The climbing walls are available for sale or rent, and the prices are reasonable for students and adults. There are multiple levels of classes for students, so there is no need to worry about finding a partner to climb with. The Rock Climbing Center has helped bring many new climbers to the sport of rock climbing, and they have even opened the doors to high schools and middle schools as well. Each class has an experienced instructor who will teach all necessary safety techniques.

Bottom Line

Outside the gym, the Red Rock Climbing Center offers many other activities. They have a water tower, a bouldering area, and an area for children to learn to climb. All ages can enjoy the rock climbing facility, which offers everything needed for a successful rock-climbing trip. Outside of the climbing areas, the Red Rock Climbing Center also has many other activities available. The climbing center hosts rock polo tournaments, bowling leagues, and indoor and outdoor disc golf courses.

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