Mental Game Of Climbing


Mental Game: “The most important muscle when climbing is in your head.”

Some consider climbing as fun, some an extreme sport while some just an adventurous achievement! But whoever has attempted this sport knows it for a fact that it is a wonderful combination of both physical and mental efforts. If either is lopsided or both do not work in harmony, you face dire consequences.

The Behaviour And Experience Of Climbing:

The Mental Game Of Climbing - Handle Your Fears And Stay In The Moment
The Mental Game Of Climbing – Handle Your Fears And Stay In The Moment

the climbing psychology has to be taken seriously and practiced with full gut and power. A climber’s mental strength determines her chances of success! And this involves a lot of self-work. The climber has to engage in self-reflection and develop a certain personality and self-esteem. Leveraging the power of your mental health in your climb makes you the athlete that you are. Because when learned strategies and everything else fails to work, what saves you and comes to your rescue is yourself.

Building resilience by improving mental toughness, introspection to further identify your strengths for learning how to use it in your sport. It is important to not focus on the outcome but to trust the process while you keep pushing yourself a little more each time. Always remember that a big win is the sum of plenty of small wins.

One habit that you should develop is to be able to talk to yourself. This will help you bring back attention when your mind starts wandering. Our mind has an incredible, unstoppable, instant and obvious habit to analyze any situation that we are in. But, it zooms in when it senses fear or doubt and so those thoughts multiply. Self-talking works as a savior in such circumstances. Think of yourself being in a game, a mental game where you control the player. Of course, you are both the player and controller here! Be present and at the moment, do not let your mind and thoughts run or remind you of the past moves or uncertain future. Remind yourself that here and now is what you have and it is yours to achieve.

Mental Game: The Behaviour And Experience Of Climbing: 2

The Mental Game Of Climbing - Handle Your Fears And Stay In The Moment
The Mental Game Of Climbing – Handle Your Fears And Stay In The Moment

One of the most important tricks is to practice and master your breathing techniques. You must be in control of your breathing during your climb. You should exhale a small amount of air each time you begin a move. It does not have to be a large amount of breath but do it until you finish your placement. Breathing out this way keeps you with being in the present moment and helps in focusing. So, do not forget to breathe out with each succeeding move. Meditation helps a great deal in developing this trick.

If fear of something constantly inhibits your progress and comes in your way, try the exposure theory. Expose yourself and do what you are fearful of. If heights are what bother you, try taking a falling class. Self-talk when your mind raises red flags. Talk yourself through it. Trust yourself and your practice. Self-doubt while you are on your climb and on the go almost equals to adverse performance. Do what works for you and absolutely avoid comparing or imitating your performance, plan, and strategies with someone else. Embrace your nervousness, you can perform well when you are nervous too!

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