The Best Rock Climbing Movies You Should Think Of Watching At The Weekends

rock climbing movies

Do your palms get sweaty when you see someone scaling the mountain? Do you have the dream of learning to scale the hills? Climbing the stairs looks more tedious when you learn to climb the mountains. Mountain climbing is still one of the most underrated sports, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Well, whether you’re interested in actual mountain climbing or not, rock climbing movies will undoubtedly fascinate you. Most of the mountain climbing movies are actually free to watch; some are available on Netflix and YouTube too. Although you cannot start climbing now itself, but after watching the movies, you’ll surely fall in love with mountain climbing.

Free Solo (One Of The Fantastic Climbing Movies)

A bench with Nu‘uanu Pali in the background

Free Solo is one of the fantastic movies which probably many readers might haven’t watched. This movie was released back in 2018 and currently available on both Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Regardless of your location, caste, and interest, you cannot deny ‘Free Solo’ forces you to fall in love with mountain climbing.

The main character ‘Alex Honnold’ who is the most famous and best soloist, undertakes the most complicated and dangerous free solo climbing project of his life. He attempted to scale the mountains and also created history at the end of the movie.

Initially, the movie seems to be boring, but you won’t get up from your couch after the interval. Surprisingly, the ‘Free Solo’ movie also grabbed an Oscar award, and this movie is loved by most mountain climbers.

Meru (Movie Related To Himalayas)

A man standing on a rock

Meru is a short movie that is entirely based on wild mountain climbing. This movie is only available on Amazon Prime. Surprisingly, the ‘Meru’ film is directed by the directors of ‘Free Solo’ movie. This movie takes you to the Indian Himalayas, where Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk, and Conrad Anker attempted twice to climb the 1,200-meter sharp route of the Meru Peak.

As both Renan Ozturk and Jimmy Chin also capturing the shots behind the cameras, you’ll see one of the best cinematic shots of your life. All these cinematic shots showcase what difficulties are faced by the climbers while climbing the mountains with the risk of meeting with death.

Everest (Movie Based On ‘Into Thin Air’ Non-Fiction Book)

Like Meru, Everest movie was also launched back in 2015, and you can watch this movie on Netflix. Jake Gyllenhaal is actually the main role of Everest movie, the budget of this movie was eyebrows raising. This movie will take you straight to the Indian Himalayas and show you the best cinematic shots of the mountains, which are challenging to scale!

For many, it would be another masterpiece from Hollywood, but the facts and storyline are just impressive. Everest movie is about the Mt. Everest disaster that occurred in 1997. In other words, this movie is based on one of the best-selling non-fiction books ‘Into Thin Air.’

Final Thoughts

As the stories of the above-mentioned rock climbing movies will unfold, the cinematic shots and dramatic footages you’ll never get to see again. All fellow rock climbers watch these movies and boost your self-confidence for your upcoming climbing tours.

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