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Endurance: Lead And Boulder

Climbing-Specific Strength And Endurance Between Lead And Boulder Climbers

rock climbing is fun and different from sports. The thrill that your endurance will give you will make you want to do it every day.

The Lead Climbing: Intro To This Sport

Know about Lead Climbing: Intro To This Sport .

Lead Climbing: How To Clip Quickdraws

Lead Climbing: How To Clip Quickdraws

Lead climbing is a climbing style used in rock climbing. In this one climber takes the lead while the others follow the lead climber.


Lead Climbing: How to Place Trad Gear

Lead Climbing: How to Place Trad Gear

Trad gear, sounds exciting right? Well, if you want to progress as a trad climber it is necessary to learn to properly place protection. To place trad gear securely, you must have a good eye. To where you route to place the gear. The common key is that they are removable, as opposed to fixed […]

What is Indoor Rock Climbing?

So you’ve decided that you want to start rock climbing, and you want to take it seriously. Well, the best way to start is by joining an indoor rock climbing gym that will help teach you the basics of rock climbing. By joining a climbing gym, you are sure to the mentorship you need to start. Accordingly, make sure to choose a climbing gym with personnel that are certified and experienced as they will be the one ensuring your safety.

The Basics of Climbing: Explained

Rock Climbing

Climbing has become a well renowned and popular sport chosen by many people worldwide. It provides a great way to keep you in shape and stay healthy while still enjoying the thrills of heights. There are many different types of climbing sports you can choose from all of which will give you the exercise and thrill that you seek.

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