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Ice Crampons: Useful Tool

Know some useful tips about crampons.

6 Best Selling Rock Climbing Ascenders

Rock climbing ascenders are an essential part of rock or ice climbing. They provide a strong grip that prevents slippage and any untoward accidents. They give you a strong grip on the rope through their clamped teeth that move only when weighted and smoothly glide up. Ascenders do not move in the opposite direction making for a safe and secure way to rock or ice climb. Listed below are some of the best selling ascenders on Amazon.

Ascenders Are Essential Rock Climbing Equipment

Climbing Ascenders are an essential part of rock climbing and ice climbing. They help you ascend your ropes in a safe manner that prevents slippage. There are many types of ascenders that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each type of ascender has its own specific use for different types of climbing.

Ice Climbers Equipment

Like any other sport, ice climbers need to have the proper equipment to perform at their best. Also, having the right gear and equipment will keep you safe from any fatal injuries and exposure to cold temperatures. Though similar to rock climbing equipment ice climbing equipment has evolved to match the terrain of snow and ice more precisely.

Challenges Faced by Ice Climbers

Ice climbers face many challenges when ascending an ice formation. From sub-zero temperatures, falling ice, and sharp tools: the possibility of injury seems endless. Luckily, with proper training, mentorship and preparation these can all be avoided or mitigated to ensure you are safe. Though ice climbing is considered an extreme sport, it is actually quite […]

Ice Climbing Crampons

Crampons are an accessory attached to your boots that are used for hiking. More specifically, ice climbing. However, crampons require a certain kind of boot with stiff-shanked features for them to stay attached safely. Hiking boots are not suitable for crampon use as these are a different type of boot.

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