climbers high

“Climber”: Important Things

A rocky cliff with water and a mountain in the background

first key is to pay attention and TRY to stay close to the wall.

What Is A Climber’s High?

Climber’s high is a term coined by rock, ice, and mountain climbers to describe the adrenaline rush and feeling of excitement they get while performing. It is the thrill you get from doing and accomplishing a climb that took a lot of effort on the climber’s part and having reached the top or goal, experience what is called climbers high.

Why Choose Rock Climbing as Your Sport of Choice?

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that will give you thrills like no other. The high that comes with climbing to new heights in itself is enough to get your adrenaline rushing and your blood pumping. Climbers have even coined the term “climbers high” to describe the authentic feeling given to those who participate in climbing. Climbers high is the adrenaline rush you get while climbing and the rewarding feeling once you have tackled the climbing course or route you have set out to overcome.

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