The Social Climbing

Social climbing is taking up a whole viewpoint. The fitness freaks are taking this old notion to some great height. Last Friday, Harry picked three of us from our home, and then we headed to a place we never imagined we would. Well, Harry kept it all secret until we reach there. He was insisting on taking us there for a very long time. However, since the generation is full of opportunities, we hardly come out with some free time. Therefore, this is the day we all remain free. The destination was the place that sold the rock climbing equipment. Anyhow, we planned to go for an outing the next weekend. So, we all had an idea where we were heading.

Social Climbing Has A Whole New Level This Era
Social Climbing Has A Whole New Level This Era

Social Climbing: The Generation Is Changing the Activity 

Rock climbing is becoming an interesting sport. Hence, in the last 5yrs, it changed the activity from adventurous to some fun and excitement. Moreover, Boy Scouts were entitled to go for this climbing activity previously. However, nowadays, people get widespread preference. We can find even professional families going for this sport whenever they get the time. Furthermore, there are some documentaries focusing on the adventurous notion of rock climbing. 

The activity even gained some recognition in the year 2006. Now rock climbing gets a platform in the 2020 Olympic as well. Therefore, we can see several gyms coming up with the idea of incorporating rock climbing in their vicinities. Moreover, a contract was signed with ESPN regarding climbing the competition circuit. This agreement was done this year, in January. They made a multi-year broadcasting agreement. 

Social Climbing Has A Whole New Level This Era
Social Climbing Has A Whole New Level This Era

Social Climbing With Some Ventures

Many famous streetwear brands are coming up with some old school climbing items. Hence, some journals keep records of gyms that are mushrooming with climbing ideas, by stating that this a growing business. Furthermore, they also claimed that the number of gyms crossed 6.9% in 2016. Then it rose to 10% in 2017. After that, 11.8 % in 2018. The growth rate in these consecutive years shows the popularity of this sport. And the trend to give a try in this rock climbing activity is also growing every year. 

You might get fascinated by the ambiance that gives a vibe of Flintstones and The Jetsons. Yes, the atmosphere of the gyms can delight your eye sights. So, when hitting this gym, you may feel that you landed on some technicolor planets. Moreover, you might also sense that you are walking and exploring up the vibrant shades of pebbles. 

So, indoor gyms came up with two ideas. One is the bouldering walls. The other is the rope climbing walls. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing performed on small rock formations. Climbers usually wear shoes to help secure footholds, and they also put chalk on their hands to keep them dry and provide a firmer grip. There are also bouldering mats to prevent injuries from falls. However, rope climbing walls is a style of climbing in which the climber is securely attached to a rope and harness to make the activity all safe and secure.

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