Rope Bag: The Three Best Climbing Rope Holder


When you intend to buy a climbing backpack (Rope Bag), you must pay close attention to specific characteristics.

First of all, the climbing backpack must be light; in fact, it must be considered that during the ascent. The weight of the bag falls entirely on the shoulders, and therefore acquiring a slender rope holder backpack with low pressure is already a step forward to undertake the more comfortable climb. Also, because the higher the lightness of the climbing backpack, the less you will notice you have it, especially if the bag adheres well to the back: it will mainly benefit the movements of the body and arms, which will be more fluid and free.

Another vital point to keep in mind when buying the best climbing backpack is the possibility to remove any lumbar fins and central straps present. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is not at all, especially for climbers who are at their first experiences. The reason is simple: these options give higher weight to the rope-carrying backpack, and on a wall that shows a specific climbing difficulty, they could be somewhat bulky.

Rope Bag: The Three Best Climbing Rope Holder
Rope Bag: The Three Best Climbing Rope Holder

Here are the three best climbing backpack models currently on the market:

Climbing Technology Falesia Rope Holder Backpack (Rope Bag)

It is the climbing backpack par excellence. It has a capacity of 45 liters and can be used as a crag backpack (i.e., for climbing) or even for indoor activities in the gym to carry all the essentials for climbing with you, including a rope. The crag of CT Climbing Technology. Moreover, it can also be taken on the plane as hand luggage. The shoulder straps it is equipped with can be placed in the compartments of the backpack and use the retractable handle. It is proposed in two-tone black and blue, along the entire back of the climbing backpack. There is a hinge facing upwards and positioned between the shoulder straps, which makes it very easy to fill the bag and access its contents.

Rope Bag: The Three Best Climbing Rope Holder
Rope Bag: The Three Best Climbing Rope Holder

Pros– excellent quality/price ratio
– excellent back padding
– comfortable to use both as a backpack and as a bag
– sturdy fabric

– little padded shoulder straps
– non-rigid backrest
– not the best for a long journey

Climbing Shoulder Strap Rope Bags

The backpack measures 45x24x36 cm and is very light: it weighs only 748 g. Proposed in the three different colors (black, orange and red) variant. It is a crag backpack made of very robust and anti-abrasion nylon. The climbing backpack has a large zip closure very comfortable and easy to open and has a capacity of 40 liters; wide enough. Therefore, as a rope-carrying backpack with included dust-proof protective cloth on which it is possible to tie the ends of the rope.

– low price
– good capacity- lightweight
– wear-resistant material
– the double handle in front of the backpack which makes it very convenient to carry

– it is not waterproof

Alpidex Bag / Rope Bag

This climbing backpack is ideal for climbers looking for a satisfactory product for the use it is intended for and at a little cost. It is a black rope holder backpack, made of 100% water-repellent nylon, extraordinarily light and therefore suitable to be carried effortlessly even over long distances. The bag weighs just 560 g and has dimensions of 65.8 × 29.2 × 7.2 cm.

– the low price
– the extreme lightness
– robustness

Cons– the closure that with the weight of the rope tends to open on its own
– absence of the pelvis belt which would have made it more comfortable in case of long distances

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