Rock Climbing Movie – Know How To Do It Right

rock climbing movie

One of the most popular, thrilling, and fascinating activities loved by this generation is rock climbing. In this activity, various participants climb up, down, and cross artificial rocks and natural rocks. The sport is quite tough for a beginner, but each practice session adds experience and pleasure to the journey. The goal is to reach the top or endpoint of the rock without falling. The excitement and felicity once you reach the top cannot be expressed in words.

The experience seems quite daunting at the beginning, but you have to keep in mind that an expert you consult now or your masters who teach you were always beginners at some point in their life that didn’t give up. Presenting you with some tips and movies to help you understand better.

Rock Climbing Tips (Know How To Do It The Right Way)

A herd of sheep standing on top of a mountain

1. Climb using your feet: Know that your lower body is much stronger than your upper body. Your weight should be on your feet while climbing as much as possible to avoid falling. As a beginner, DO NOT make a mistake to put extreme pressure and weight on your upper body.

2. Quiet feet should be maintained: beginners are often seen scared and hurried to climb, scrapping their feet unknowingly. DO NOT go recklessly and find a route that is below your limit. Take some time, pick a foothold, step your feet on that foothold, keep calm, and step up.

3. Keep your weight on the skeleton: While hanging, keep your arms straight and not sucked close to the wall or flexed. This will allow the muscles to rest rather than being engaged constantly.

4. Breathe: Have you noticed other beginners shaking and scared halfway through? This s solely because they don’t frequently breathe and for a longer time. Keep a check on breathing.

5. Engage in positive self-talk: Sounds Weird, right? You may think of this as another lecture or motivation quote, but the effect it does on any activity you do is worth releasing. Do not let the fear overtake your excitement and fascination for rock climbing that got you there in the first place. As said earlier, every expert was a beginner once.

Rock Climbing Movies:


There are some excellent movies shot on Rock Climbing out there. You can watch these legends climb the TOP that will encourage you and boost your confidence. Some Movies that are must-watch include:

1. Blood on the crack, 2019

2. The Dawn Wall, 2018

3. The Alex Megos Formula, 2018

4. Free Solo, 2018

5. Roraima, 2012

6. Frozen Falls, 2014

7. Reel Rock, 2010

8. Claim Freedom


A sport involving great enthusiasm, energy, and will-power is a must try once in a lifetime. The thrilling chills it will give you on the top, and the amazing scenery or views are indescribable. Undoubtedly a boosting experience. Always consult expert trainers and take care of your safety. The joy you will feel once you reach those heights cannot be measured.

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