Rock Climbing Holds Buying Guide

rock climbing holds

Do you want to go for some of the most outstanding methods of adventure sports? If that is the case, then you would want to go Rock climbing which will give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. But it will not be accessible without the proper set of equipment which is why you need to buy them. Right at the beginning, Do not waste your money by buying something that is not all necessary. Instead, put some restrictions on the luxury purchase and invest in the utterly essential things. Today, we will talk about the factors and buying guide when it comes to investing in rock climbing holds. 

Safety Ratings

Rock Climbing

According to the European safety standards, there is a proper guideline for investing in personal protective equipment. Therefore, whenever you put your money in a single brand, make sure that it has a proper CE stamp. Otherwise, it cannot be considered safe. Since the 1980s the personal protective equipment standards have been prevalent, which is why you need to check them out thoroughly. 


Rock Climbing

There are various kinds of harnesses that are available, and you can find numerous adjustment options. You can categorize them into three primary segments like adjustable, semi-adjustable, and alpine. Most of them are lightweight but make sure that you do not use the Alpine ones if you are a beginner. With the help of adjustable waist and leg loops, you will be able to get full coverage, and the comfort factor will be worth it. It will be more than worth the price if you go for a base-level harness, and you can quickly put it on as a novice climber. Check out the general fitting and the gear loops and make sure that it feels tight enough.


This Is another essential that you have to choose wisely if you want to make a great purchase. There are numerous brands with great potential to get hold of the harness, and you can get these in three different segments. For example, you can buy traditional hardshell helmets, expanded plastic foam helmets, and the hybrid option. If you ask us, we would always want you to go for the hybrid option. Therefore you can get the best of both worlds, and it will be lighter and comfortable than the traditional design. 

Rock Shoes And Climbing Rope

You need to get the perfect size of Rock shoes so that you do not have any unfortunate injuries. All the rock climbing rope will help you stay attached to a safe space, and it is pretty stretchy as well. You can put the shoes in a smooth adjustment process, and it will be a perfect fit when you are moving on ragged roads. Try to invest in a good brand so that there are no chances of regret. 


Now that you know about the best Rock climbing equipment and the buying guide, it is time to put your money to optimum use. Apart from all the things that we have already mentioned, we should also buy the rack and slings.

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