Hydro Generator


Are you the one who loves to spend their time out in the wilderness, up in the mountains and close to the sea’s thundering waves? Then once in a while, you have that perfect moment during your time in nature when the sun is just excellent, and the colors are all just coming out well for an ideal shot, but your phone battery is dead, and you have no option but to capture the moment in your memory only. Well, now you can charge your mobile phone quickly with the help of our portable micro-hydro generator. It can help you generate enough energy which can charge your phone. It works hydromechanics; thus, you don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is put the generator in the running water and let the magic of technology happen. Today we are going to show different scenarios and methods where you can use this generator.

Portable Micro Hydro Generator For Your Adventures
Portable Micro Hydro Generator For Your Adventures

What Is A Hydro Generator?

You may have seen Dams pouring out a gush of water from a height to turn the turbines. With the help of gravity, the rain falling from such a height forces turbines to rotate, and when the turbines rotate, it converts kinetic energy into mechanical energy. After that, a generator converts that mechanical energy into electricity.

Our product is a small form of a dam. But instead of dropping water from the height, we are just taking the help of the rivers to move our miniature turbines. And other things are the same. 

Using a hydro generator like this, you don’t need to carry bulky power banks. All you need is running water, which is quite easy to find in the mountains and even in plains if you are close to the sea. It’s a handy product and can easily fit in your backpack without causing any issues. Furthermore, most of the part is made from durable plastic which is made keeping in mind to give the product the longevity. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the product being broken during your rough usage.

Also, there are lights on the generator, which you can quickly light if you want. They can help you see in a dark lightless light. You can use it to keep your camp lit throughout the night.

Benefits Of Having A Generator

There are a hundred ways in which a pocket hydro generator like this can help you during your mountaineering. But we won’t bore you with all of them. We are just going to highlight the main benefits which even a non-climber can take advantage of during their adventure.

Portable Micro Hydro Generator For Your Adventures
Portable Micro Hydro Generator For Your Adventures

First, it can generate electricity. No joke, having power in the mountains is some of the toughest tasks. You get to make your electricity by using natural resources.

Also, when we are saying natural resources, we are not talking about Fossil fuels of any kind. With just running water, you could be making energy in no time. That’s the beauty of this product. Being in nature, you don’t pollute it in any way when you use it.

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