Micro Hydro Generator

Portable Micro Hydro Generator As Your Power Source

People who do mountaineering or outdoor adventures very often perfectly know how much they have to struggle to find an electricity source. It could be to charge their mobile phones or LED lights and do other things. There are several sources to generate electricity, but sources that promote clean energy are very few. This product micro-hydro generator is one of those products which makes power without harming nature and supports clean energy. It can charge electronics supporting ability up to 12 volts. Let us get to know more about the generator and how you can use it as the power source whenever required.

Portable Micro Hydro Generator 

Portable Micro Hydro Generator
Portable Micro Hydro Generator 

There are many ways to generate clean energy, such as solar power banks, solar power generators, etc. The water helps in generating power in the generator, and the pressure directly affects its power input. When the water flow is steady, it will create more pressure for the generator and will charge the electronics even faster. The energy is also stored-in with the help of the turbine. It will help the users in charging the electronics. You can do it as many times as possible and capture the photos of the trip. You will not have to fear that the power of the mobile phone or lights may drain out completely.


Let us get to know some features to help us buy the product.

  • Stable Structure: The structure of this product is solid and will not break so easily. Its lifespan is also high because of it. It easily long-lasts up to 3 years, and users need to take care of this generator if they want it to live more.
  • Easy to Use: It is effortless and easy to use. It generates power with the help of water pressure. There is no rocket science for using this generator. Anyone can generate energy using this generator for charging several electronic products.
  • Can Charge Mobile Phones: It can charge mobile phones very quickly. It is the reason that this generator is perfect for people who go outdoors frequently and also for mountaineers.
  • Eco-Friendly: It is an eco-friendly product as it doesn’t use any material which may harm the environment and efficiently generates energy.
Portable Micro Hydro Generator
Portable Micro Hydro Generator 


This micro-hydro generator is built very strong and designed to be used in hard conditions without facing any issue. It can last up to 3 years, but it highly depends on the care which the owner gives and how he/she uses it. It can last more than that if it gets proper attention. Depending on the product, it is very cheap as compared to other similar products, and everyone can afford it. The quality provided at this price range is fantastic. It is also eco-friendly and helps in keeping the environment clean and green. This generator generates enough power to charge mobile phones as well as LED lights. Its output is DC 12V. It also uses a turbine to store energy.

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