Kids Rock Climbing Gear – What You Should Have For Your Kids Climbing Gear

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As a parent, if you find your son or daughter develops an interest in the sport of rock climbing, then sooner or later they will want to have their own set of kids’ rock climbing equipment and start to learn how to climb. However, starting out with your own kids rock climbing equipment can be one of the most important things you can do for your kid. If you take your time and make it fun, they’ll enjoy trying out new things and you won’t have to worry about them damaging their equipment. Here are some kids rock climbing basics that you should get started with can be found below!

Kids Rock Climbing Gear

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A harness is often the first piece of kids rock climbing equipment that you will buy for your little climber. They are essential for safety as well as for comfort and fit. They should also be comfortable enough to prevent any unnecessary muscle fatigue after a long day on the mountain. There are many different types of harnesses, so you will want to spend a little time deciding on what would best suit your climber. You should be able to find all the necessary parts online or at a local sporting goods store.

Kids Rock Climbing Shoes

Kids rock climbing shoes are another important piece of the kid’s equipment puzzle. There are tons of styles, colors, and brands available and it’s important to choose the right one for your climber. Your kids may have special preferences such as soles that they like or other physical features that may impact their choice. You can usually find a great selection at a local sporting goods store as well as online.


Another essential piece of kids rock climbing program gear is a rope. Kids can only climb if they are safe. Using a rope will help to ensure that they are safe and also will allow for more advanced climbing endeavors. A good rope should be made out of material that is strong and durable, and it should be very colorful. Your child will look great no matter where they climb!

Climbing shoes, harnesses, and ropes are all part of a kid’s rock climbing program. Your children should also be allowed to select their own harnesses. There are several different options available to choose from including traditional pants, tees, belay devices, and even full body harnesses. These harnesses allow adults to control the climber in a controlled environment so that both parents and climbers can work together to keep the children safe. If the child has trouble getting themselves into a harness, there are usually other climbers in the area who can help with this process.

Climbing Gloves

Climbing gloves are also a crucial piece of kids rock climbing program gear. Rock climbing gloves are made specifically to protect your hands during indoor or outdoor climbing. They are different from regular gloves in many ways including the strength of the materials and the finger hole openings. Gloves for indoor use are often lighter and more comfortable than those used for climbing outdoors.

Climbing straps are also a crucial piece of kids’ rock climbing equipment. They help secure your child into a harness and also help them climb without it. Straps come in different materials including leather, nylon, and webbing. If you decide to invest in climbing straps, make sure they are of high quality and will last a long time. The last thing you want is to spend money on indoor rock climbing equipment that wears out after just a few uses!

Last Words

Rock climbing shoes are an essential part of your kids rock climbing program. Kids need to have the proper footwear for when they climb, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use. Some kids may already have great skills when it comes to climbing, but there’s no reason why they can’t develop even more skills by using the right kind of footwear. Shoes made specifically for indoor or outdoor use are great way to help your kids be as safe as possible when they’re climbing.

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