Rock Climbing: Intro To Rock Climbing

Intro To Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an outdoor activity and adventure sport in which one climbs upward, across and downward the rock formations by nature. The objective of a climber is to touch or reach the summit of a rock or the endpoint. This is usually a pre-defined route that you need to climb without falling. Rock climbing is the activity done by using hands and feet to ascend a steep topographical object. Climbing will be an official sport for the first time in the Olympic Games in 2020.

In Professional rock climbing, the objective of the competition is to find the climber who can quickly complete the route in minimum time or to reach the highest point on the road against the increasing difficulties. In rock climbing, climber’s physical and mental strength are both tested. While climbing, climber’s is tested with his power, endurance, balance along with mental control. Climbing can be a dangerous activity without proper knowledge and techniques.

Rock Climbing: An Adventure Sport
Rock Climbing: An Adventure Sport

There are several different types of rock climbing styles because there are a variety of rock formations around the world, and all vary from each other. Rock climbing is done in several different styles, such as scrambling, aid climbing, lead climbing, sport climbing, etc. But in each form of climbing, the climber uses his hands and feet to balance this weight, which helps him to ascend upward.

Types Of Rock Climbing

Nowadays of free climbing is mostly done. In this style of climbing, the climber mainly uses his physical strength, whereas equipment is just used for protection. In earlier days, equipment is used as a support for the climber and had very much influence over climbing sports. The risk of life-threatening injuries increases as the climber reaches higher from the ground. So additional safety measures are also needed. Climbers generally follow a specialized climbing technique and often climb in pairs. Anchors are designed with the help of ropes and carabiner, which prevents injuries while a climber falls.

Therefore, free climbing has different forms and styles based on the anchoring technique, equipment used, and also the way belay is done. Some of the following are listed below

Rock Climbing: An Adventure Sport
Rock Climbing: An Adventure Sport


Aid climbing is another effective method of climbing on big walls. In aid climbers, the progress is done up a wall by repeatedly placing and weighting gear. This method of climbing is most effective where there is too much instant rising of elevation and technical difficulty. Some times it is even impossible to climb free. 


It is another most common method used to climb. Top rope belay system is used in this type of system


In this form of climbing, no safety ropes are used as the routes in this form of climbing are of low risk and short in height.

Climbing Rock: Solo

Here climber climbs without any help or assistance belay.

Deep-Water Solo (DWS)

Free soloing and DWS are similar. But DWS climbing is done in such areas where if the climber falls, he will fall into deep water instead of onto the ground.

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