Indoor Rock Climbing Gym – An Ideal Workout For Your Home

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The Rock & Ice Massage is an indoor rock climbing gym in Atlanta, Georgia. The concept of indoor rock climbing has been around for a long time, but it gained popularity during the ‘80s. Indoor rock climbing began in the UK and spread to North America. Since its inception, indoor rock climbing has had a tremendous spike in popularity and is now a well-respected sport.

Rock climbing walls add an entirely new level of challenge to indoor rock climbing. In indoor rock climbing walls, the rock faces are much shorter and easier to scale. This allows rock climbers to easily scale the walls and work at the level of difficulty they feel most comfortable with. Also, the lack of exposure to the elements can help keep the climber more fit and lean while enjoying their workout.

Made Of Different Materials

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Rock climbing walls can be made of different materials. The rock climbing walls found in most gyms are typically constructed out of fiberglass and the floors are usually carpeted. Other indoor rock climbing walls are constructed from concrete. Concrete walls offer the same benefits as fiberglass, however, they are much sturdier and harder to repair when damaged. Other types of indoor rock climbing walls may use a variety of materials including wood and plywood.

Most indoor rock climbing gyms offer many services to their rock climbing clients. Many offer full equipment rentals, including but not limited to, ropes, handholds, and shoes. Some indoor rock climbing gyms even offer personal training with certified trainers. Some indoor rock climbing gyms offer competitions for their clients. These competitions are held monthly or weekly and can range in skill level and style.

The Option Of Learning How To Mount A Wall On Their Own

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In addition to training, many indoor rock climbing gyms offer books on the sport and other resources. These books can greatly increase a climber’s chances of improving their rock climbing performance. Climbers can purchase their own books or borrow books from the climbing walls. They can purchase clothing and gear at the local climbing shops. Some gyms provide their customers with the option of learning how to mount a wall on their own.

Most indoor rock climbing gyms have varying levels of difficulty. The more experienced climbers often start out on an intermediate level and work their way up to the advanced stages. When a beginner begins, they usually begin with the safest options available, meaning traditional holds and equipment. As the climber becomes more experienced they may branch out and try new holds and equipment.

A Wide Variety Of Climbing Styles

The majority of indoor rock climbing gyms provide their climbers with a wide variety of climbing styles. These include lead climbing, aid climbing, traditional climbing, and bouldering. Each type of climbing requires different skills and techniques.

Lead climbing is the most basic style and can be learned in a short amount of time. On the other hand, aid climbing requires a great deal more technical and tactical skills. It also uses a lot of skills such as placing gear in the right place, belaying, and rappelling.


A great way to decide which indoor rock climbing gym is best for you is to test drive one. There are many rock climbing clubs where members go out together and climb some of the same holds they will be using at the indoor rock climbing gym. By doing so, you can see how the climbers perform and whether or not the hold will feel right for your body. If you enjoy rock climbing but do not enjoy the level of exertion that it requires, an indoor rock climbing gym is an excellent way to get a little exercise.

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