Indoor Climbing Gym

Indoor Climbing Gym Basics For Beginners

Before you wander out into the wild for climbing the rock, you have dreamt of, and you need to sweat a lot in the gym. Even if you are a regular climber and looking to tweak your skills or want to try out some new one, a gym is the best place to do it. As nature doesn’t allow mistakes, but a gym mattress does. Several things play a huge role when it comes to deciding which gym to join as they vary in terms of the height of the wall climb and its complexity. So today, we will be discussing what the basics things that you should know while doing an indoor climbing session are. 

Indoor Climbing Gym Basics For Beginners
Indoor Climbing Gym Basics For Beginners

Indoor Climbing And Their Types

Just like trekking, and outside climbing, indoor climbing can be done in different ways, and you can choose whatever suits you the most. Give below are the number of different climbs you can try in a gym.


This climb doesn’t require a harness or a rope. The routes of bouldering stay close to the ground with a thick crash pad, which as a protective layer for accidental falls. Furthermore, it’s a great way to learn a new climbing technique that you want to practice. As it makes you focus only on your strength and balance for you to stay on the wall.

Top – Rop Climbing

This climbing requires you to have harness and rope. When doing the top-roping, your rope is securely locked to an overhead anchor. You tie yourself into the rope, and at the other end of the rope, there is a belayer who’s there to manage the rope and catch you in case you fall. 

Lead Climbing 

Once you master the top – rope climbing, you can start lead climbing. Just like the top rope, you are using rope, and the belayer is standing below. But here the rope is clip into a quickdraw. The lead climbing is like a sport, but here the challenge is not to slip as you will fall a short distance back to the last clipped in point and have to start again. 

Gear And Clothes For Indoor Climbing

Wear only those clothes that give you comfort and mobility. You want something with a loose fit but not too saggy. You can go for clothes you use for your yoga classes. Also, keep that in mind while climbing you can get chalk on your clothes so decide the color and the cloth carefully. 

Harness, locking carabiner, chalk bag, chalk, and finally climbing ropes all you quickly get in a gym, or you can rent it from a sports shop.

Things To Keep In Mind For Beginners

First, you are not here to reach the top but to learn and enjoy the experience. The main goal here is to overcome the challenges a climb can through you into.

Indoor Climbing Gym Basics For Beginners
Indoor Climbing Gym Basics For Beginners

Your arms are not strong enough as your legs, so always try to improve your foot friction and leg placement.

Likewise, give yourself some time, don’t be quick, and learn all the required skills and techniques. 

Look for more experienced climbers and see how they climb, learn from them ask them to guide you through your climb.

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