Indoor Gear Used By Rock Climbers

rock climbing indoor gears

There are many indoor gyms and rock climbing indoor clubs where you can learn to rock climb. A rock climbing wall is a great place to get started. You can even use it as an exercise machine if you want. There are certain indoor gear that is needed for rock climbing. Here they are.

When you begin to rock climbing, your rock climbing shoes should be specially designed for indoor use. Use them inside and outdoors for optimum performance. These shoes will provide you with comfort while you’re on the rock climbing wall or doing indoor exercises. Your climbing gloves should be water proof or otherwise they will get ruined.

An Overview

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The next indoor gear you need is a climbing harness. This is the most important tool for your indoor adventures. It’s important that you have a harness designed for indoor use. Most climbers do not know the difference between the two. It’s pretty simple actually.

Harnesses are designed to fit you and give you a better grip. You should wear a harness when climbing indoor. Climbing gloves are used when you are doing indoor climbing. They will protect your hands from being cut by sharp rocks. A helmet will protect your head in case you fall.

Other gear that you may not have thought of is ropes, webbing, belay devices, Descenders (sticht plate), helmets, axes, and climbing harnesses. All of these items will help you achieve your indoor goals. If you are brand new to indoor climbing, then you should start with a simple setup. You don’t have to buy all of these things at once. Just start out with the basics and work your way up to the more expensive gear.

Best Gears

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Rock climbing indoors requires practice to become better at it. It’s going to take time for you to be able to do well at indoor rock climbing. Don’t expect to go out and climb mountains right away. Just take your time and focus on getting better. There is plenty of time to be spent practicing and soon you will be ready to go out and climb some real mountains.

It doesn’t matter what kind of rock climbing you plan to do, there is always an indoor gear that you will need. This gear doesn’t only come in handy when you are climbing but also when you are doing other indoor activities as well. When you take a shower, there is a small piece of gear that you will need to get hooked up. It will allow you to keep your hair off of your face while you are drying yourself off. These are just a few examples of how indoor gear can benefit you.

Rock climbing should not be an intimidating sport to begin with. It can be as easy as getting some climbing gear together and climbing up a rock wall or some other natural feature. The most important thing is to have fun with it and be safe. If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to have a great indoor activity that you will enjoy as much as the outdoors.

Buying Tips

The rock climbing shoes are the most essential piece of gear. They are made to grip on the rock and keep you safe. The type of rock that you are climbing on will determine what type of shoes will work best for you. Different types of rock have different grips on them. Sandstone, river rocks, limestone, and slate are among the types of rocks that require different types of shoes. Some people prefer to wear sandstone shoes because they are more comfortable; others like limestone because they are stronger and easier to grip.

Another type of indoor climbing gear that you will need is a belay device. You will use this device to attach yourself to the wall or ceiling so that you can reach the top. There are two types of indoor belays, the mechanical and the power clasp. These devices are powered by either rope or your muscles.

Your chalk bag is also important rock climbing gears. Chalk comes in a variety of colors and is made to be carried in a backpack. You can get chalk bags in various sizes and strengths depending on how much you plan to climb. It is important to have chalk with you when you plan to climb so that you know what type of rock climbing you are doing.


Climbing walls and climbing towers are other indoor gear. Climbing towers are available at most gyms and you will have to ask permission to use one. A climbing wall is a piece of indoor gear that allows you to try new moves without risk of injury. There are indoor rock climbing clubs that you can join so that you can meet others who love climbing and share tips with one another.

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