Importance Of Weight Training For Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing is as interesting as it sounds, moving up on the scaly rocky inclines. Every sport requires strength training, and must in certain body parts. Without shoulder strength, upper body, lower body strength one can’t climb the high aiming rocks. So, you need to understand the importance of weight training for rock climbing. For instance, if you have noticed all the rock climbers are well-toned and not muscular. Because in this genre of sport you need not require bulky muscles if you have then you need to work on it. 

Weight training is important to become a better rock climber, just like cardio and flexibility training. 

Weight Training For Better Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing itself is a great full-body workout. It helps you build muscles, improves overall body strength. Therefore, strength training is important only for certain joints or muscles which will help you while rock climbing. Weight training for shoulders, forearms, as well as endurance training, maximum grip strength, low body mass, can possibly improve your rock-climbing skills. Without proper guidance weight training at gyms can go wrong, be careful not to focus more on building muscles. Always remember only more practice at climbing makes a person the best rock climber. 

Strength Training For Rock Climbing

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Strength training is more required than weight training for rock climbing. While climbing a rock you are engaged from your fingertips to your toes, all throughout. You must be flexible around your hips with the strength to take a powerful step at the same time. Grip training will help you to hold on to the small holds while making sure your lower back including your glutes and hamstrings don’t collapse. Practice will make you understand when to turn up your strength and when to find an opportunity to take it down to rest. Strength training is one of the essential factors that build a better climber, don’t let it go unseen. 

Basic Training For Rock Climbing

Weight training will build up your hamstring, glutes which will help you to move stronger on the rocks. Not just that it will prevent any risk of common shoulder injuries seen in climbers often. Begin training twice a week, you will feel the differences yourself. These are a few workouts, to begin with – deadlifts for hamstrings and back, barbell squats, variation of pull ups, bench press, shoulder dislocations, military press, barbell front squat, etc. Few Stretches For Flexibility are Frog Stretching, hip flexor stretching, y extension stretches, etc. Work on your balancing training, practice yoga, go swimming and climb often.


A variety of muscles are engaged while you are rock climbing, and you need to prepare your mind and body. Because when you are up on the inclines, it is you who will save yourself. Do not skip any training or practice which will help you reach the top. Focus building on your endurance which will rescue you from fatigue during continuous climbing.

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