Rock Climbing Holds Efficiently

A pile of snow with a mountain in the background

Rock climb its a sport that fills you with tranquility and gives your veins an adrenaline rush. But one of the most amazing things about rock climbing is the view that you see once you climbed the whole rock and reach its peak. That’s when you feel the pride of conquering a mountain. Climbing a cliff is quite an exhilarating task in terms of physical pressure that your body has to go through. You need to be very careful during your climb and needs to be sure of the place you are putting your hands and toes in as all your body weight is on them. Today in this article, we are going to discuss how you can use different rock climbing holds to gain more surface of contact on the wall and use it to your advantage. So buckle up to climb on this article steadily and carefully. 

How To Use Rock Climbing Holds Efficiently?
How To Use Rock Climbing Holds Efficiently?

The Technique To Master Rock Climbing Holds

Squeeze only as much as you need to stay. Squeezing hard can quickly exhaust your body prematurely. On the other hand, you might feel pumped as blood flows get faster when your arms are in a stretched position.

Focus on your pull direction. Always try to get a perpendicular hold to for getting the strongest and the easiest grip. Keep your weight in the straight line and pull yourself up. With this technique, it is most likely that you will stick to the rock, and the chances of coming off are far too less. 

Different Types Of Rock Climbing Holds

There are several different climbing holds, and each has its very own usage. We are going to talk about the five most crucial climbing holds that you must know before you start your climbing journey.


Jugs are natural to found on big rocks. You can quickly get your hold around on this one. Furthermore, most of the climbers like jugs as they provide a comfortable grip. And give climber an excellent opportunity to rest during the climb


At the fourth spot, we have Edge, and these are one of the most common holds that you will find in your climbing journey. They can be the small tiny Edge of the rock or some long cuts in the wall. Sometimes it could be a huge ledge. One more thing, edges can have their face in any direction, so you need to stay focus and while using them and keep the direction of your pull on point.


Just as the word describes it. Any small piece of rock which you can pinch with your thumb and put all the other fingers on the other side.

How To Use Rock Climbing Holds Efficiently?
How To Use Rock Climbing Holds Efficiently?


Pockets are holes in the rock. In some scenarios, they can be so small that you can barely fix two or three fingers in it. And sometimes wide enough, you can place your whole hand in. With pocket hold, you can choose any direction of pull as long as your grip is secure.


Flake is the part of the rock which has protruded out, leaving a crack in between. It’s easy to have your hand wrap around it lay back off the Edge. 

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