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How To Train Novice Members In Your Club?

It will not be easy for anyone to train novice members of the rock climbing or the scrambling club. Many clubs offer training to their new members during weekends. The experienced club members give instruction and training. The novice members are given formal or informal training. The veteran club members don’t need to hold any qualification to impart training. The course is uniquely designed to impart experience and knowledge to novice members. They are given theoretical as well as practical knowledge every weekend. They are trained for cliff-climbing, multi-pitch climbing and also scrambling. The new members are charged a nominal fee for taking the training.

How To Train Novice Members In Your Club?
How To Train Novice Members In Your Club?

Content Of The Course

The course will be designed as per the needs of the trainees. But the course will cover mostly all the aspect of training the aspirants thoroughly. It will teach them advanced skills, safety considerations, planning, training, and selecting locations as per the body type. While taking the climbing training session, the trainees will be taught several tricks.

They will learn to climb in series, climbing in parallel, abseil protecting, getting of the crag, or escaping a route. While giving the scrambling training will be given the knowledge on skill improvement. Skills shall include emergency ropework, planned rope work, how to use helmets and harnesses? They will also learn to work in pairs. Not only this, they will learn to lead climbing and short roping. Highly trained and experienced people will give these training sessions to novice members.

What Are The Pre-Requisites To Take The Sessions?

  • Pre-requisite for climbers- the climbers must have spent some time looking after the novice members climbing outside. The climber must be an active rock climber. He must be confident about building belays. Also, he must be optimistic about setting up abseils for safety. He must have done at least thirty multi-pitch climbs only then he can go for advanced climbing. Lastly, he must have knowledge and experience in climbing sea cliffs. If he fails to fulfill any of the above criteria, he shall not be entitled to receive any training.

Session Requirement

  • Pre-requisites for all the members-The novice members to take the training must be a member of a BMC-affiliated club. They previously must have taken or attended a BMC session on how to train novice members in your club weekend session. If a person does not qualify in any of these criteria, he will fail to receive any training. Therefore it is necessary to fulfill the two standards.
  • Pre-requisite for scramblers- the new scramblers must have spent some time looking after the other novice members of the club while walking and grade1 scrambling. The trainee must be an active scrambler. He must have done at least 20 graded scrambles. These grades must comprise of grade one, two, and three scramblings.
How To Train Novice Members In Your Club?
How To Train Novice Members In Your Club?


It may seem easy, but taking these sessions will not be easy. The course requires a healthy heart and mind. The trainees must be ready to make any challenge.

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