How To Tie Climbing Knots?

How To Tie climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends

Some techniques are as primary to climbing such as working with ropes. Life depends on what you are good at. In this article, we will be covering the most ordinary question which is how to tie climbing knots along with hitches and bends used in climbing. For the beginners, it is essential to understand the difference between a knot and various terms linked to rope management.  Knot, it is tied in the rope or piece of webbing. Hitch, helps in connecting a cable and other things just like a snap ring or different line. Bend, means a bond that joins two ropes together. The standing end, the part of the rope side that is no used in tying the knot. Whereas working end means the portion of the rope side that is used in tying the knot.

Essential Climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends

There are lots of knots which are necessary for the climber to know. However, with the following essential climbing knots, hitches, and bends, a climber can complete most of the primary climbing task like attaching the rope to equipment, rappelling, and building anchors.

How To Tie climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends
How To Tie climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends

Figure 8 Knot

  • Take the one end of the rope in hand, pull out your arm, and evaluate the length from clenched side to opposite shoulder.
  • Touch the angle from where you have evaluated on the shoulder and curl it one full rotation so that the part of rope which is not used for tying (standing end) covers over the other part (working end) which useful for tying the knot, then curl it again so that it gets its original position.
  • Then pass the working end of the rope through the ring from front to rear. It will look like figure 8
  • After that, move last part of string through both fasten points on equipment and stretch bond close to you. Now supply the rope back through the bond, determine the new bond as you go. you want the working end to run utterly parallel to the standing part of new knot
  • Once it is completed, wear the bonds by making sure the strands are clean and run parallel.

Clove Hitch

It helps to lock a rope in place of the snap ring. It’s easy to join after taking heavy load and rapidly clear up when unclipping it from the snap ring.

  • Take the rope in both the hands, and make a ring by crossing the line over itself. And make another ring in the same way.
  • After that move the second ring at the back of first and join both the circles using the snap ring. Tighten by stretching both strands.

Girth Hitch

It is the simple way to join the ring of webbing or rope to a permanent point like a tree.

  • Circle the loop around the object.
  • Then put the other end into the first loop and stretch it.
How To Tie climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends
How To Tie climbing Knots, Hitches And Bends


It is essential for the climber to know about the knots, hitch, and bend. They should know how to tie different types of knots. A small knot can save their life sometimes.

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