How to Prepare for Mountaineering

What is Mountaineering?

How to Prepare for Mountaineering

Mountaineering, also know as mountain climbing, is the activity of climbing a mountain with challenging terrains that climbers must navigate skilfully. Mountains usually offer a mixed terrain so mountaineers have to be ready for whatever comes their way. With this in mind, you have to be properly prepared for the climb with proper gear and apparel to keep you safe and warm.

Mountaineering can last for a few hours up to multi-day trips where climbers spend time marvelling the great outdoors. For multi-day trips mountaineers must pack enough food and water to last them the trip. The main goal of mountaineering is to reach the end point by safely overcoming every hazard along the way.

When mountaineering, it is important to consider the terrain in which you will be climbing. Will there be lots of crevices? Are avalanches possible? Is rock fall possible? How will you get around glaciers? All these questions need to be addressed before you embark on your journey.

The best way to have all these questions answered is through mountaineering experts whom have done many courses and have experienced the challenges that climbing brings. It is also advisable to do plenty of research on the route you plan on taking and what lies ahead.

How Do I Prepare?

How to Prepare for Mountaineering
How to Prepare for Mountaineering

Before you even consider mountaineering it is important to prepare your body and mind for the journey. Proper workout routines that engage all your muscles are a great start for getting into good shape for your climb. Furthermore, cardio exercises are a must as you will be in constant motion throughout the trip. Through doing cardio workouts you can improve your ability to withstand the high altitudes and terrains of the great outdoors.

What Do I Bring?

For single day or short mountaineering routes its best to travel light. Bring only the necessities such as enough food and water to last the trip. Make sure to wear apparel that is appropriate for the journey to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable throughout your journey.

How to Prepare for Mountaineering
How to Prepare for Mountaineering

When participating in multi-day journeys you also have to travel light, but you have to make sure you have everything you need for the days ahead. There are numerous products and items that need to be brought along in order to accomplish the journey successfully. Items such as, food, water, extra clothing and first aid materials.

Know your limits

Mountaineering can be a hazardous activity if you do not know your limits and you need to develop your skills. Make sure to find an instructor who can teach you the fundamentals of self-care when climbing. You must know the proper amount of water and calories to intake per section of the trip in order to keep your strength up and successfully traverse the mountain.

You will also have to learn how to acclimate to the weather the altitude so it is best to start with low altitude climbs and slowly build your way up to higher altitudes. That way, you won’t be pushing yourself too far and cause any harm to yourself or the team you decide to bring along with you.

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