How To Prepare for a Hiking

A hiking trip is always an excellent activity for any weekend. If you’re interested in trying it out on your next day off, there are certain things you must do to prepare for a hiking Trip. Here’s a guide on how to prepare for a hiking trip.

Check for the weather

Your weather must be optimal for it to be a successful hiking trip. You wouldn’t want to hike on a rainy day. The trails would be muddy and the track will be slippery. A sunny day is preferable day but you have to be careful of heat stroke. Settle for a bright day with clear skies and acceptable humidity. The weather will give you an idea of how to dress and what to pack.

Check your gear

The gear is only useful if it is functional. Make sure that all of your things are set to go. Your ropes must be strong and your compass should be working. Double check other essential things like your GPS tracker and your messenger.

Inform someone of where you’ll be

We cannot discount the risk of getting lost or an accident to happen. Inform your friends and family of your whereabouts so that they’ll be aware. It is also advisable to carry an emergency device so that you can contact for support in case something happens.

Prepare your things

You will need a lot of things but it is also important to pack light. The things you’ll need are references for navigation, a sunscreen, some insulation or extra clothing, flashlights or headlamps, first-aid supplies, a source of fire, food, and water. You can also bring a tent if you plan to spend more time on the site.

Familiarize yourself with the trail

Take some time to take an initial hike on the trail. At the very least, look for references that will give you an idea of the landmarks. You can ask for advice from people who have hiked before you.

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