How to Get A Mountain Climber’s Body

Mountain climbers tend to be some of the most fit and in shape people around. Their work outs centre on strengthening every aspect of their body. As a result, their strength, stamina, agility and flexibility are all at their peaks.

How to Get A Mountain Climber's Body
How to Get A Mountain Climber’s Body

Constant exercise and work out routines are a must for mountain climbers as they need all the strength they can muster in order to perform climbing activities, weather indoors or outdoors.

Above all, mountain climbers must stay fit and healthy in order to retain their ability to climb challenging formations.

Want to be as in shape and fit as mountain climbers or thinking of starting to become a mountain climber? Then this article with guide you through the process of getting into shape and preparing you for mountain climbing.

Where to Start?

When it comes to getting that mountain climbers body, it is best to start gradually with workouts that engage all your muscle groups. Joining an indoor climbing gym will help you accomplishing the workouts needed through mentorship. Additionally, you will be exposed to the activities that you will be participating in once you get in proper shape. Make sure to vary your workouts and know when to rest.

Firstly, you will want to improve on your cardio. Since mountain climbing involves fast paced and constant motions, your cardio is very important. Some examples of cardio workout are:

  • Stair Climbing
  • Jump Roping
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
How to Get A Mountain Climber's Body
How to Get A Mountain Climber’s Body

Secondly, leg workouts are just as important as climbing involves a lot of leg work. It’s safe to say that your legs will be doing most of the work when it comes to climbing. In this respect, mountain climbers do a lot of leg workouts to prepare themselves for climbing through:

  • Squats
  • Calf and leg raises
  • Lunges

Lastly, make sure to keep in mind total body workouts that keep all your muscles engaged and in shape. Some examples of total body workouts include:

  • Chest-Bench press
  • Back- barbell row
  • Lower Back- deadlift
  • Abs- cable crouches

When to Start?

The best time to start getting in shape and staying fit is always now! If you plan on participating in mountain climbing activities or climbing activities in general, its best to start with the gradual workouts listed above in order to prepare you for the rigour of the being a mountain climber.

How to Start?

How to Get A Mountain Climber's Body
How to Get A Mountain Climber’s Body

Once you have gained the proper amount of strength through workouts you can start with the basics of climbing in an indoor climbing gym where mentors are ready to help and assist you. Indoor climbing gyms are a great stepping stone for learning the basics of mountain climbing and will help you in becoming a mountain climber yourself. Mountain Climbers don’t just head straight for the outdoor climbs. They all start with basic and advanced training in indoor climbing gyms that help build their stamina, agility, flexibility, and strength. In short, getting the mountain climbers body is no easy feat. It requires dedication and consistency to be effective.

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