How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?

How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?

When someone has planned for the ice climbing, he or she should be ready along with all the accessories. One of the important things required for ice climbing is the ice climbing crampons. They are attached with the shoes and help the user to walk or climb on the snow.

How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?
How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?

Important Points About Ice Climbing Crampons

There are different types of crampons available in the market. But one must choose it with very accuracy after exploring all its features. We will discuss the important details here that the user must know before finding the right ice climbing crampons.

Point Configurations

How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?
How To Choose Ice Climbing Crampons?

Classically, the crampons have twelve points or configurations. The two points are present on the front side and the ten points are present underfoot. The configuration may vary for different brands and types of ice climbing crampons. Also, there are ten points available but they are used for just basic or light snow. The position and shape of the front points in the crampon are very important.

Ice Climbing Crampons-Vertical Points Configuration

These types of crampons work like a snow tool. The points cut the snow and hence they are more useful for the vertical mountaineering. They are not generally used for the basic mountaineering because they can go and cut the snow.

Horizontal Points Configuration

When the plan is to travel in the alpine situation, this type of configuration is mostly used. This is because the ice balling is very less as compared to vertical situations. But when the snow gets tricky and thin, must opt the configuration of the vertical point.


One must ensure the flexibility of the crampon before using it. The flexible crampons are easy to walk on the snow and the ice. Therefore, you can easily attach these types of crampons with the shoes. But the one must use it with the rigid boots in the vertical ice.


These crampons are mostly used for the technical vertical ice. They are suitable for mountaineering purposes. The rigidity will provide you the stable platform. Hence, it helps to decrease fatigue and will definitely increase the precision.

Attachment With Shoes

There are various kinds of methods for the attachment of the crampons with the boots. But it also depends on the kind of boot you are using along with it. The most versatile boots contain toe & heel welts and hence they can be used with almost any kind of crampon.


This is a complicated system of straps for securing the crampon. The web of straps will be wrapped around the foot and the ankle. The hinged model’s crampons mostly consist of straps.

Anti-balling Plates

This is generally used when the snow is wet. As the wet snow bunches up, this will make the traveler very hard to walk on the ice. The anti balling plates will minimize the snowballing in the wet ice. Hence, one can choose it accordingly.  

We have already discussed the important points to consider before buying the crampons. There are different types of models of it that you can choose. One must do deep research about the way and then choose the crampon accordingly.

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