How To Build A Kids Rock Climbing Wall Using Free Online Plans

kids rock climbing wall

You might think that a kid’s rock climbing wall is just a piece of concrete in the backyard. But you would be wrong. Kids love to climb and there are countless activities that they can do on a kid’s rock climbing wall. You can even build this as an indoor climbing ramp with an easily climbable pitch, just like mine. Or skip the pitches, to simply build a kids rock climbing wall in your backyard or playroom.

Tips To Build Kids Rock Climbing Wall

Use Simple And Basic Materials

Climbing Wall

The basic idea for a kids rock climbing wall is to use simple and basic materials to construct a handrail system with three or more steps. I prefer to use three steps, because it is easier for little kids to get up and down. I attach the handrails to posts that I put into the ground in front of the ramp, so that they are very close to the ground, but away from the wall. If you choose to use a higher grade of wood, you can probably get away with two posts and one or two handrails and still have enough rope to attach the whole thing together.

The most important part of a kids rock climbing wall is the wall itself. I prefer cinder blocks, but that is just my personal preference. Whatever you do, don’t use regular wood or cinder blocks. Those things can actually hurt your kids and are very toxic to animals, so I wouldn’t advise using them. They just aren’t safe.

Leave The Top Slightly Unfinished

Climbing Wall

If you use regular wood or other types of lumber, you can leave the top slightly unfinished. Once your kids get a few footholds on their rock climbing walls, you can start to put the hardware together. The parts of a kid’s rock climbing wall usually consists of a handrail, four or five planks of wood (depending on the size of the kids rock climbing wall), railings, holds, and climbing vines.

Once your kids get comfortable with climbing, the next step is to create a sturdy base to attach their climbing ramp to. If you have a backyard playhouse, this is easy. If not, here are some cheap and effective ways to do it.

Using Deck Screws

Using deck screws is one way you can easily attach a climbing ramp to your kids rock climbing wall without a lot of extra time or cost. You will need to have a ladder or some other form of vertical platform and some deck screws. Find a good place in your yard to stand where there is plenty of room. You will also want a long straight board or something similar that can serve as a guide when attaching the screws. Start attaching the deck screws by placing them under the boards that are already there, and then run your hand under the board so you can guide the screw into the wood without knocking it off.

The best way you can protect your kids from injury when using an indoor rock climbing wall is to install safety harnesses. These should be installed before you hang the rock climbing walls. If they aren’t installed when the wall is being built, they can be removed after the project is completed and used again. They are very inexpensive, easy to put on and take off, and completely safe. They work great for indoor use and can be found at just about any hardware store for around $20.

Final Note 

Before starting your project, make sure that all the pieces of the rock climbing wall are accounted for. This includes safety harnesses and anchors if you plan on doing your project indoors. You don’t want to find out after you start that you weren’t able to put the pieces back in correctly. Be safe!

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