Women’s Hiking Pants


To start with, if you are into offbeat activities like hiking, then you must have heard about women’s hiking pants. Well, jeans are the staple which everyone wears nowadays. However, it’s best left at home during outdoor activities. Hence, these pants are lightweight, dry quickly, and are great for the outdoors. Time has changed, and so have fashion. You can even turn them into short pants, by pulling off the attachment zipper, midway. Furthermore, women have a separate one just for them only. So, you also need waterproof variants. Hiking during the rains has its perils. There is no point in wearing a waterproof top if your legs are getting wet. Moreover, there are lots of options in men’s wear, but choices for women are very limited. However, not anymore.

Guide To The Best Waterproof Women’s Hiking Pants
Guide To The Best Waterproof Women’s Hiking Pants

Reasons to Wear These Pants for Women

There are many benefits to wearing these pants for men and women alike. They are made of lightweight nylon, so they weigh less. Thus, it makes all women comfortable and helps them to move around freely in the bushes. Also, they tend to dry very fast, owing to their nylon material. They do not hold water, so they are easier to carry around in the rainy season as well. Hence, when women choose good quality nylon, it has a tendency to rub but without any noise. Moreover, there are many pockets in hiking pants that make it wearable. So, you can now store sunscreen, food, and maps. As hikers, you might also feel the need to climb rocky surfaces. Therefore, there are many convertible pants that you can convert into a half pant, which can allow you to breathe, making it all the better.

Finding the Best Women’s Hiking Pants

Arc’Teryx Beta has some of the best pants. They are waterproof, so you do not need to worry about bad weather. However, one con here is that they are a bit bulky. So, moving around fast may be a challenge. They come with Gore-Tex Pro 3 layer, side zippers, belt, and a hip pocket. Furthermore, they are very durable because of the hardy material, have a comfortable fit and are suitable for all seasons. Fjallraven Karla Hydratic is another brand that is worth exploring. You can check out their hiking pants. They are a personal favorite of many women.

They are made from brushed G-1000 silent material, have an adjustable waist, with seven pockets to give you company. What more could you ask for? There are many other brands in the market and you can search online as well. They are Outdoor Research Women’s Aspire and Mountain Hardware. Hence, you can weigh the pros and cons of these brands as well and buy them. All in all, these are all very comfy for women. In our opinion, you should try to buy lighter material, to allow your feet to breathe and stay dry.  

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