Fujisan Highest Mountain

Fujisan Mountain The Highest Mountain In Japan

Fujisan Mountain, also known as Mount Fuji, is the highest mountain in Japan. This mountain is approx 3776 meters highest. Mount Fuji around it has a volcano that is perfect in shape and is, worshipped by many people living there. This place is, worshiped as a sacred mountain by the peoples living there; it is also very popular among the artists. Hence, the place is popular among peoples and artists throughout the centuries. Mount Fuji is on the border between Shizuko and Yamanashi. On the bright days, it can be, seen from the Yokohama and Tokyo. Hence, Fujisan Mountain is a very popular and highest mountain in Japan.

Fujisan Mountain The Highest Mountain In Japan
Fujisan Mountain The Highest Mountain In Japan

The easy way to Mount Fuji is to go by train from Osaka and Tokyo. The Shin-Fuji station gives you the best view, and thus, you can enjoy this view with this station. It gives you the best look, and thus, you can see Mount Fuji from this station. Sometimes the clouds block the view of Mount Fuji; thus, if you are lucky then only you can get the view of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is not famous in the peoples of Japan but also foreigners. 

Top Attractions Of Fujisan Mountain

Fujisan Mountain is very popular among the artists from centuries. Thus, you see its beauty when you visit Japan. Some of the top attractions of Fujisan Mountain are as follow:

Climbing Fujisan Mountain

You can climb this mountain in early July to mid-September. These months are the official climbing seasons, and during this period, the facilities are open. At this time, the weather is, combatively mild and generally free of snow. Public transportation during this season is easy, and the huts in the mountain are in working conditions. Thus, you can enjoy climbing this mountain, as you love its beauty. 

Fujisan Mountain The Highest Mountain In Japan
Fujisan Mountain The Highest Mountain In Japan

Subashiri 5th Station (Subashiri Trail)

This station is on the eastern side of the Mount Fuji. You can also get easy access to this place by public transportation from Tokyo. During the national holidays From May to October and in climbing seasons the buses in the service the station.  

Snow Town Yeti

This snow town is a ski resort and is small. The small town Yeti is on the slope of the Mount Fuji on the southern side. This ski resort is one of the best-known ski resorts found on Mount Fuji. This snow resort is the first resort to open in Japan during mid-October. This ski resort has four runs and two lifts. In four-run the two main runs, each is 1000 meters long. Thus, this makes it better or suits better to the snowboarders and skiers. The other two runs, secondary runs, are narrower and shorter as they are 500 meters in length.

Fujiten Snow Resort

This snow resort of Mount Fuji is in a northern base. This snow resort is a ski resort and is small. It offers good views of the mountain and facilities. Fujiten has runs that are good and suit to every ability. Two of its runs are 1300 meters long and thus, suitable for the beginners. The other run is 500 meters long.  This snow resort is, situated in the region of Fuji five lakes.

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