Climbing The Mountain In Mount Egmont In New Zealand

A large green field with a mountain in the background

Mount Egmont in New Zealand, now officially known as Mount Taranaki is an 8261 feet (2518m) tall volcanic cone on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Not impossibly large but certainly a nice climb and a challenge considering approximately 65 people have died whilst climbing it, mainly due to hypothermia brought on by rapid weather changes. You may have seen it without knowing it – it was the mountain backdrop in The Last Samurai (pretending to be Mt. Fuji). However, climbing the mountain can be a good exercise. If you love adventure, then you must go on a climbing trip. 

The Mountain is snow-capped for a fair proportion of the year and a small amount of perpetual ice is on the summit (unless global warming gets rid of it)

Climbing The Mountain 

A large body of water with Mount Fuji in the background

Along with an Outdoor Activity Club, a goal was set to climb to the top of the mountain. It wasn’t expected to be too difficult to accomplish. There is a reasonably marked track up to the top with marker poles showing the correct way to go.

However, the first year it was attempted the remains of a tropical hurricane were battering the west coast of New Zealand and we literally risked being blown off the mountain. A goal was made to attempt it again in the following year. A year later, and still with disgusting weather conditions, the mountain hated us, another weekend spent in a cabin and walking the lower forested slopes. But with all goals, the secret to success is not the length of time or difficulty achieving the goal but the number of attempts that really demonstrate one’s character.

It Took The Third Year And Finally The Goal Of Climbing The Mountain Was Achieved.

A view of a snow covered mountain

When we set goals whether they be personal or business often we have no idea of the difficulties we will face when setting them. They start as a dream but the reality is often very difficult. What makes one successful or not comes down to DETERMINATION. Climbing Mount Taranaki should have been easy – in this case, it wasn’t, but the determination ensured the goal was achieved.

Many people in life have goals they believe should be easy, and normally perhaps they should, but what really proclaims what type of person we are is how we respond when a simple goal becomes difficult, do we give up the goal or simply increase the effort.

Bottom Line

Sometimes we are going through difficult situations and the mountain appears endless. Indeed, in the event that you haven’t actually ascended a mountain previously, I suggest you require a day trip one. Going up a mountain or descending a mountain, are both similarly troublesome. In case you are in the fog of a preliminary and it seems like you won’t ever see the finish of the mountain. I challenge you to permit your tongue to tell the reality that you basically back away from getting off that mountain.

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