Climbing Gyms: Explained

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What to Expect in Climbing Gyms
What to Expect in Climbing Gyms

If it is your first time trying rock climbing, it is best to start in climbing gyms. This way you get the proper mentorship and guidance you need in order to build your strength, flexibility, agility, and focus. Climbing gyms provide a great setting to learn the ins and outs of rock climbing so that you are well prepared once you decide to tackle rock climbing in the great outdoors. Here are some tips to get you started in a climbing gym.

A Good Mentor

Find a good mentor that can aid you in your climbs. The mentor can also act as your belayer, the person controlling the rope as you climb. Having a good mentor is key to building skills as they will teach you the important things to remember while rock climbing. Climbing gyms usually have certified mentors available to help you out so you do not have to worry about learning on your own without any help from other climbers. Additionally, mentors have usually experienced rock climbers that have reached higher grades in climbing. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from their experiences and apply them to your own style.

Incremental Advancement

Do not jump climbing levels. No one can climb a difficult route on their first try. It is best to build up to higher levels by first tackling the easier lower levels before moving up, and that is what climbing gyms are for. As you improve you will be able to tackle harder and harder routes. This takes time, of course, but once you are comfortable with a certain level you can move up in order to build your rout finding-skills and agility.

Have a Spotter

When starting out always make sure that you are well protected. Make use of harnesses, ropes and other equipment that will prevent you from falling too far. If you are rock climbing, make sure you have a belayer with you who can catch your fall. If you are bouldering make sure you have a good landing crash pad below the area you are climbing. All these precautions are important to make sure you stay safe from any damaging injuries.

Get In Shape

To become really successful in rock climbing, you also have to make sure you are fit enough to climb. You can work out in climbing gyms to accomplish this. On the ground workouts that engage all muscle groups helps a lot. When rock climbing you are using every part of your body to hoist yourself up the wall. It is important to be physically and mentally ready for anything. Rock climbing in itself helps improve your strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance. So pick an on the ground work out routine that does the same such as stamina-building workouts.

Gradual Falls

Learn how to fall gradually. As a rock climber falls are inevitable and climbing gyms provide a great avenue for you to learn how to fall properly. When rock climbing you can practice falling by climbing to a certain height and letting go so that you can get use to the feeling of falls. Once you are comfortable with shorter falls, you can increase the length of the fall little by little until it is within a realistic setting.

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