Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use


Climbing is one of the most popular outdoor activities, in fact, it is very common, especially with kids. You need climbing gear to ensure their safety. In fact, many people prefer to climb up as it is a pleasurable and safe activity. Even for grown-ups, it is a great way to get some physical exercise and enjoy nature.

Understand Climbing

Climbing, as you might have known, is not just about climbing a wall. Climbing a mountain is a common form, but it does not give the same kind of physical benefits as it does for children. So, what is it that you need to learn if you are planning to start climbing? First off, you should understand what exactly it is.

Climbing can be done on a wall or on a natural rock or if you want to go farther, it can also be done on an artificial rock or a wall. A climber can start from anywhere. You can easily start with a natural rock if you want to do it on a much lower level. However, a wall is really recommended for beginner climbers, as you will feel much more comfortable with them than with an artificial rock.

Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use
Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use

Start The Adventure

Now that you know what you need to do to start climbing, it is now time to gather the proper equipment that you will need. There are four things that you will need:

Rope – The climbing rope is important because it is the only thing that will prevent you from falling. It is a must to have a good quality rope so that you will have the maximum safety.

Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use
Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use

Safety Clothes – A lot of people think that lightweight clothing is enough to wear while climbing. But, in order to have an easier time on the wall, it is recommended to have the correct kind of clothing.

Climbing Gear

Belay Device – A belay device is a must have for any climber. It is necessary to have a device that allows you to tie your rope and the rope to your harness while you are climbing.

Shoes – You will not climb without shoes. If you wear shoes without protection, it will be hard for you to climb safely.

Climbing gear – You need all the climbing gear that you can buy. Some of the things that you need are a rack, harness, nuts, belay device, rope, cams, nuts, etc.

Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use
Climbing Gear That A Beginner Can Use

If you do not know the number of pounds per kilogram of your body weight, you can use this calculator.

For women, it is better to use ten percent of a woman’s weight for her height than for men. You should also try to take into account the height of your friend so that you can choose the right size for the shoes.

Bottom Line

Some climbing shoe brands even offer straps which will reduce the risk of falls by three times. For children, there are some high-quality shoes that can protect their feet and also the knees and legs. It is also a must for a child to have good posture as they climb.

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