Care And Resoling

10 Tips To Maximize The Life Of Your Climbing Shoes

Care And Resoling your Climbing shoes are like an extension of the climber’s body. It is essential not only to be able to ascend vertical walls but even to raise our level and obtain security. Everyone has their preferences, and, generally, when we find our dream model, it is difficult to want to try others. 

The ideal is to have two pairs of shoes, some propose for the wall (where they wear more) and others for rock. However, there are some simple and useful methods to care and resoling a shoe and prevent it from aging prematurely.

Care And Resoling: 10 Tips To Care For Climbing Shoes
Care And Resoling: 10 Tips To Care For Climbing Shoes

So, it is important to follow a series of tips for rock shoe care that will save us from a few headaches and unnecessary expenses.

Tips For Care And Resoling Shoes To Prevent Headaches

1.  Transport the pellets on the top of the backpack so that they do not crush.

2. Put on the climbing shoes carefully, avoiding wrinkles on the tongue, cords, etc., as it will not only hurt our feet but can also deform the last.

3. If we carry the very tight pendulums and bother us, it is better to take them off and hang them from a carabiner while we go down once we finish the track, instead of taking them as a flip flop.

Care And Resoling: 10 Tips To Care For Climbing Shoes
Care And Resoling: 10 Tips To Care For Climbing Shoes

4. When you are trackside and not climbing, take off your cats and put them in a place, protected from the sun.

5.  The soles of cats must be completely clean, both when storing and when climbing the track of mountains. When we go to store them, we should leave them clean using a hard bristle brush and a damp cloth.

6. When we finish using them, it is better to let them air dry (do not put them directly in the backpack or store them in a close place).

7. If we pass a brush of fine metal bristles, it will improve the adhesion (but be careful with sanding them too much since we will finish with the thickness of the rubber).

8. The interior can wash with cold water and some neutral soap, but very carefully. Some people wash them in a bucket, leaving them to soak awhile, clearing them and drying them in the shade.

9. When we do not use them, they can fill with newspaper (keeps the shape and removes some smell), lasts, etc., avoiding wrinkles.

10. If possible, have a pair of pendulums, some for the wall, easy or warm tracks, and a newer one with better quality for the harder tracks.


Climbing shoes are one of the essential accessories for climbers. It helps them to have a better grip on mounting the ricks. These shoes are just what you want for your next climbing experience. The pendulums, warm tracks are some of the new shoes that you must care for. With better care for these climbing shoes, you will have an amazing experience and can do better than before.

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