Carabiner 6 In 1 Tool Is Your Best Travel Buddy

Carbiner 6 In 1 Tool Is Your Best Travel Buddy

Carabiner Keychain 6 in 1 tool is one of those products that you will find to be your best buddy more than you can expect it to be. Whether you are traveling or trekking, or even going about your daily business, you probably come across numerous moments when you need a specific tool and you simply can’t get anything around. However, with the Carabiner 6 in 1 in your pocket, you can always rely on it to take you out of such situations. This compact tool can help you out with numerous works, and moreover, with all your keys attached to it, you will never forget it at home, nor will you lose your keys.

Carabiner Keychain 6 In 1 Tool Set For Multipurpose Use

The Carabiner keychain 6 in 1 tool is one of the most compact and beautifully designed multipurpose tool-set available at the moment. The sturdy little set isn’t something that will give up when stressed and you can easily use it for pretty tough jobs. Whether you need to cut a rope, or open a screw, or, need a bottle opener, this carabiner key chain is all that you will take out. A multipurpose toolset can come in handy at any point in time. This small highly functional keyring has become one of my constant companions at all times.


Size: 6cm X 10.5cm (unfolded); 6cm X 18cm (knife out)

Weight: 0.08kg

Frame material: Aluminum

Tool material: Stainless steel

Knife blade dimension: 7.5cm (length) X 0.2cm (thickness)

What I Liked In The Carabiner Keychain 6 In 1 Tool (Pros)

  • The entire set is extremely compact and well built. It easily goes into the pocket of my skinny jeans without causing any discomfort at all. Also, the carabiner can be hooked to the pant or backpack if someone doesn’t want to carry the entire thing in the pocket.
  • The aluminum metal frame is strong yet extremely light, which makes it easier to carry around without having the feeling of carrying something heavy and bulky.
  • The 6 in 1 tool set contains essentials items like flat blade knife, serrated blade knife, Philips screwdriver, slot screwdriver, carabiner, and bottle opener. These are items that can come in handy at any time, which makes the entire set truly a helpful one for every camper, hiker, and even those who are not into any form of adventure sports or hobbies.
  • The quality of the tools is extremely good. The blade is made of stainless steel and thus you will not be losing the edge easily.
  • Ergonomic design that makes it extremely easy to grasp, and the high weight carrying capacity makes it the perfect tool.

What I Did Not Like In The Carabiner Keychain 6 In 1 Tool (Cons)

This is probably one of those rare times when I really don’t have any point against a particular product, and it isn’t easy to please me completely. However, if I have to, I will probably say that the entire thing could have been priced at a cheaper rate, though quality comes at a price, and we all know that.


This one is going to be my constant companion for ever on every journey and at every other moment. Something I can never regret buying!

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