Transforming Your Climbing

A man standing in front of a large rock

Transforming your climbing style can make your experience a lot more satisfying. By getting to the top of the peak, I know that sounds flippant, but it’s much easier than North Face posters and Hollywood films make it out to be.

No wonder the first summit is going to be a huge technical summit. And if it is, well, you’re missing out on the fun part of being a mountaineer. See the thing is climbing a mountain doesn’t always look like this: On the way up Mt. Matier, British Columbia with Mt Joffre in the background.

The vast majority of summits climbed around the world every day look a fair bit more like this.

By Transforming Your Climbing Style You can Reach Great Heights
By Transforming Your Climbing Style You can Reach Great Heights

Transforming Your Climbing Style And Observing The Difference

Mountain climbing is not an out of the world concept. However, it requires specific tools and gears for protection. The mountaineers are not weird people. They need little more than a decent pair of footwear, low endurance, and interest. Yes, they don’t look quite as impressive as the above photo, but for many getting to the top of a hill is equally challenging as Matier is for someone with mountaineering experience.

Moreover, the views are still pretty lovely either way. Besides, it’s the effort you put in that is the reward in the end. Changing some of the usual ways while climbing high, can actually take you to such heights that you can’t even imagine.

I’ve gone over the different styles or “Games” with which one can reach the summit of a mountain here: What do we call the people who climb on cliffs? Moreover, it’s well worth a read as I pride myself in making a simple glossary of how those in the mountain community define their “Games.”

But I digress. I think like many you’ve seen the Gnarley photos, heard tall tales of adventure, and wondered how you might go about getting onto mountains like in the picture of a magazine? Also, big glacier ascents, bold alpine lines, like you see in Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and North Face videos.

However, you may want to do a fixed rope climb like Everest, in which case my advice is probably not helpful, as this answer relates more to actually climbing mountains, not trudging up fixed ropes for a month-long slog. I climb to escape monotony, not pay a lawyer’s salary to engage in it.

By Transforming Your Climbing Style You can Reach Great Heights
By Transforming Your Climbing Style You can Reach Great Heights

Getting Started With Mountain Climbing

Most of the climbing mountains is just getting out there and loving it. Hike, camp, and go on backpacking trips. Start with just getting out there and doing the simpler stuff. These skills lend themselves very well to mountaineering, and without them, you will struggle. And even then, you can start getting to the top of many peaks by hiking trails.

Finding Groups

Joining a club like a Meet Up group, or an Alpine club like the Alpine Club of Canada, or the British Mountaineering Council is a great way to meet new people. Moreover, getting some experience in a climbing gym is helpful, as it can turn climbing rapidly into an obsession, but even just taking some courses outside is a great start. Also, learning ropework, movement skills, and how to manage risk can help you a lot. Don’t rush things. Mountaineering takes a lot of patience and humility.

Always be getting out, even if you think you can’t, like this teacher who goes for adventures from London Midweek, follow your passion. Moreover, build the necessary skills, and just keep being keen, meeting new people, and getting out there. If you are enthusiastic, then the rest will follow. People respond to energy, and someone who never complains, always lends a smile, and good energy will always find partners. In the coming days, finally, you will feel like you can explore the mountains with freedom and skill, not to mention being able to pass those skills onto those like you.

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