Best Mountain Climbing Harness to Buy

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Vital to the safety of every climber, choosing the right harness is a big decision. But with so many climbing harnesses on the market it can be hard to choose. That’s why we have made it our mission to help you find the best climbing harness for your climbing style so that you can climb in maximum comfort and safety.

Black Diamond Momentum

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The Black Diamond Momentum is the least expensive harness on this list. It is super comfy and great for both beginners and seasoned climbers. Its design makes it easy to adjust and it has a dual-core construction, bullhorn-shaped waist belt to maximize comfort, especially on hanging belays. To help reduce error and guarantee a secure and quick fit, the waist belt buckle is pre-threaded. The trakFIT adjustment lets you easily adjust your leg loops and its adjustable rear elastic riser sits close to your body. This harness features four pressure-molded gear loops and a haul loop for your cams, draws, and belay devices. The all-around padding makes the harness feel almost non-existent, and all of this comes in a harness that only weighs around 12 ounces. The Black Diamond Momentum is an ideal harness to climb confidently and safely.

Arc’teryx FL-365

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Its versatility, high performance, and light weight are what make the Arc’teryx FL-365 the best all-around climbing harness. Designed for both climbing and alpinism, this harness allows for efficient movement and protection no matter where you are. The Warp Strength Technology offers fantastic weight distribution as well as dependable strength so you can be comfortable while climbing. It includes additional convenient features like self-locking buckles, four ice clipper slots, four gear loops, and more. The leg loops are adjustable and there’s also a quick hook on the rear leg elastic that will allow you to use the bathroom without removing the harness. For a small, light, and effective harness that won’t hinder your warm-up movements, go with the Arc’teryx FL-365.

Black Diamond Solution

This men’s harness is designed to fit body contours and banish pressure points to help with comfort, support, and easy movement. The harness weighs less than a pound and can fit waist sizes ranging from 27” – 39”. The load is distributed evenly thanks to the Fusion Comfort Technology™ which uses strands of low-profile webbing in the fixed leg loops. The Black Diamond Solution has adjustable and releasable elastic risers as well as four pressure-molded gear loops. For those who value sustainability, the primary fabric is bluesign® approved. Keep in mind though that the gear loops are somewhat small, so it won’t be the best harness for traditional climbing, but it is an ideal sport climbing harness.

Edelrid Jay II

The Edelrid Jay II is the perfect all-around climbing harness. It’s been designed with optimal support and comfort in mind by equipping the harness with overlapping 3D mesh padding at the upper edge. There’s moveable waist padding which allows for the gear loops and tie-in point to be aligned and centered. The tie-in point also features an abrasion protector for extra durability. The leg loops are adjustable and allow for elastic mesh inserts for the most comfortable fit and flexibility. This harness also has two attachment options for ice screw clips and a chalk bag loop for convenience. With everything it offers, the Edelrid Jay II is a good rock climbing harness for everyone from beginners to experts.

So, pick any of the above before you set out for your mountain climbing adventure.

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