Inflatable Car Bed

Best Inflatable Car Bed Travel Set To Buy In 2019

Looking for a nice long weekend road trip and don’t want to go out of budget? Then you can have our inflatable car bed. This travel bed set has everything that you need from a bed. You can easily install it in the back seats of your car and take a nap anywhere you want. You can park your car on a beach, kill the engine, and sleep at the back — no worries about booking a hotel and paying money. Your vehicle could be the hotel you need. And inflatable car bed makes it a bit comfier.

Why Should You Own A Car Bed?

See if you are a regular traveler and loves traveling to the countryside in your car. Then you need to have something which can turn your car into a place you can rest. With a car bed, you can get some sound sleep after driving for long hours and charge your body up for the next day. 

Furthermore, these beds are easy to install, and you can relax on it as much as you want. They are specifically designed to fit int the back of your car and help you in providing the best comfort to your body in the limited space.

Also, these car beds have a particular space that can quickly fill the space where the passenger’s feet go.

You can have one more person in the back to sleep as it’s a twin size bed, and it can accommodate two people at the same time. 

You can fill the air in just a few minutes, and it is ready for you. 

In addition to this, they are made from a material that is durable and comes in multiple colors so you can match your car bed with the seat of your car. 

As a result, it perfectly blends in with your car. 

Lastly, once you wake up in the morning, you de inflate it and roll it back into a much smaller space to put it in the trunk of your car. 

Buyers Guide To Get The Best Car Bed 

Buying a car bed is a great way to save money and get all the comfort of a bed in your car. But there is something you should keep in mind while buying a car bed. Given below are some guidelines that we think you should go through if you are purchasing a car bed for yourself.

If you are searching for a mattress, comfort is the first thing you should seek. Check whether you feel comfortable while sitting on it, and can it hold enough weight. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is portability. You are going to take it with you in a car, so it should not be taking too much space when it is in the fold position.

A good bed will provide you comfort from the cold. Check the material used to build the mattress and find out if its thermal properties. 

These beds are not a luxury thing and can be bought for a very reasonable price. Do check multiple websites and shops before buying one as you can easily find them on sale. 

Product Description

  • Material: Flocking Cloth/ Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Size: 85cm x 45cm/ Length: 135 cm
  • Package contents:1 x Inflatable Car Bed/ 1 x Storage Bag/ 2 x Pillows/ 1 x Small Repairing Cloth (No air pump included)
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