Best Exercises For Mountain Climbing

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Mountain climbing is an extensive outdoor activity. A mountain climber should always be fit to bear such physical strain on the high altitude. If you are planning for it, then you should exercise regularly to increase your core strength along with cardiovascular strength. Besides that, you need exercises for mountain climbing that will build your endurance level, flexibility, balance, and speed. Here are some exercises that you can practice to become physically ready for mountain climbing.

Step-Ups- Exercises For Mountain Climbing

The co-ordination among your body parts is essential for mountain climbing. People often perform step-ups to warm up before an extensive workout. But this can strengthen your leg muscles along with building co-ordination in your entire body. In step-ups, you focus on your leg with every consecutive movement that develops the balance of your body

Squats And Jump Squats- Exercises For Mountain Climbing

Squats are such exercises that focus on the core strength of your lower body. Regular practice of squats along with jump squats strengthens the muscles like calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, hip flexors, etc. Apart from that, this exercise also flexes your abdominal muscles and erects your spine. A jump squat is an extensive form of regular squats. Please make sure that the box is sturdy enough and doesn’t move when you land on it to avoid accidental injuries.

Best Exercises For Mountain Climbing
Best Exercises For Mountain Climbing

Lunges And Jump Lunges- Exercises For Mountain Climbing

As I’ve said earlier that core strength is vital for mountain climbers to deal with the excessive strain on the body, especially on the lower body, you need to practice such exercises that can boost that core strength. Well, lunges are the next on the list. Ten repetitions for each leg will increase the flexibility of your abdomen, lower back, hip muscles, leg muscles, and joints. Jumping lunges are the advanced form of lunges that make you more flexible and co-ordinated.

Dips For The Upper Body

Let’s focus on the upper body strength now. Dips are famous for toning and strengthening the upper body parts like shoulder, chest, triceps, anterior deltoids, etc. It also affects your abdominal muscles. It’s a resistance training that increases your functional power. Your hand muscles and joints will become firm.

Pull-ups For The Upper Body

While talking about fitness for mountain climbing, we shouldn’t miss attaining a firm grip. It is essential as the rough mountain terrain is not so easy to climb with having a strong grip. A pull-up bar will be sufficient to practice pull-ups that not only develop your grip but will also strengthen and flex your upper body parts like shoulders, arms, etc. along with the back muscles.

Best Exercises For Mountain Climbing
Best Exercises For Mountain Climbing

Dead Hang For The Resistance And Balance

Mountain climbing is not about hanging around but a serious activity.  At the end of your workout sessions or just at the beginning of the pull-ups, dead hang can help you to stretch out your body. Apart from developing a firm grip, dead hang erects your spine and flexes the muscle around your shoulders, arms, elbow, wrist, hand, and upper back.

Bottom Line

It is quite visible that you need to build the resistance power along with firm grip, balance, and functional power. Regular practice of the above exercises is a must if you’re serious about mountain climbing. After all, every activity needs warm-up. So go ahead and start as early as possible.

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