Be Blown Away With Exciting Ideas About Grivel Ice Axe

Grivel Ice Axe

Grivel Ice axe has long been used by Bogor staff, who in turn can vouch for Grivel ingenuity and quality. One of Bogor staff, Hans-Peter (also a.k.a. Hans) wore Grivel crampons while crossing a deep-frozen glacier. The pair of crampons made the trip easier and comfortable but Hans was still worried about the stability of the ice axe he was using. He wanted to be sure that it would not give him a painful ache when he stepped on it.

important review on Grivel Ice Axe for users

When Hans brought his axe back to Grivel, they tried to determine if it was a problem or not. They were glad to find out that Grivel knew exactly what Hans was worrying about and that the ice axes would not only be very stable but would also keep him from having an ache. The Ice axe Grivels supplied was a revolutionary creation that could be used in different kinds of conditions and would not cause any problems for the wearer.

Grivel Ice Axe is Design

The Grivel Ice axe is designed especially for people with different physical characteristics like those with knee problems, arthritis and people who are prone to get a lot of blisters on their feet when they step on hard surfaces. The axe is ergonomically designed with a handle that is not too big and a blade that is well balanced and long enough to prevent any strain on the lower part of the body.

Grivel also produced a new series of ice axes for trekking, skiing, mountaineering and even walking on sand. These axes are quite different from the Grivel Ice axe because the Grivel Ice axes are designed for outdoor use only and is made from strong synthetic rubber. The sand axe is intended to be used under normal conditions for walking over smooth sand or gravel. Both the axe series are great for winter sports activities. Grivel Ice axes have become quite popular in various places throughout the world.

The Grivel Ice axe has become so popular because it does not have a lot of extra features that one finds on other axes. For instance, the Grivel Ice axe does not come with a hand crank that will allow you to adjust its level of comfort depending on how you are using it.

Features of Grivel Products

Another feature that makes Grivel products stand out is that they have created this type of axe specifically for women. They want to create an axe that women can use during their adventurous activities. In addition, the axe can be worn over your other equipment and is not too bulky to carry around.

Because Grivel is such a renowned manufacturer, you should definitely check out all of their products. You can also check them out online, since most of their websites have pictures and descriptions of all of their products.

Because of their knowledge of what their customers really need, the Grivel Ice axes are known for being one of the best axes on the market. In fact, if you know what kind of terrain you will be using the ice axe for, you can be sure that the Grivel Ice axes will perform better than your other traditional axe.

In addition to being a good axe, the Grivel Ice axes Are also known for being durable. It is made of sturdy materials like rubber and is therefore quite durable. When used outdoors, this axe is not susceptible to getting damaged due to weather conditions.

Although the Grivel Ice axe may be made of durable materials, you will need to take proper care of it to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. In addition to this, if you are buying a used axe, you may want to ask the owner for some advice on the best way to take care of the axe.


 Ideas About Grivel Ice Axe and it's features
Be Blown Away With Exciting Ideas About Grivel Ice Axe

So, whether you are purchasing Grivel ice axes or a brand new one, remember that you are investing in something that will last you for a very long time. Make sure that you find a reputable vendor.

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