A List of Essential Bouldering Equipment

Before you start with bouldering there are a few things you need to ensure you are safe and getting the best out of your experience. If you are a beginner, this article will help you in prepping yourself for the challenge that is bouldering.

Whether you are practicing bouldering indoors or outdoors it is best to have the proper equipment to ensure your safety and that you enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Solving boulder problems can be tricky and having the right equipment is very important to make sure you can climb, leap and hold on properly. In the event that you fall, you also have to make sure that there is something there to break your fall that will cause minimal to no injury at all. Here a few items you will need when it comes to bouldering and solving bouldering problems.

Crash Pads

Crash pads are like a giant sleeping mat that you place below the area you are climbing to ensure that if you fall, it is there to catch you. Now, I know what your thinking. I don’t need that; I can climb without falling. No. It is always protocol to have a mat below you because this is what will prevent you from any damaging injuries as a climber.

Make sure your crash bad is wide and long enough to cover the ground in which you will be climbing. Additionally, ensure that it is thick enough that it creates a barrier between you and the ground. If you are bouldering outdoors, then make sure that the crash pad can handle any terrain it is laid on. In conclusion, get a crash pad that is durable, sturdy and can easily mould to the terrain you are bouldering in. You can view this page for crash mats that are great for bouldering

Beginner Climbing Shoes

When it comes to bouldering and rock climbing, there are specific shoes you need to purchase in order to get the best holds. Regular hiking boots won’t cut it. You need special climbing shoes that are made for rock climbing and bouldering.

Climbing shoes have a special design that helps you hold on to the crevasses while bouldering and provide a great deal of foot flexibility that you cannot yet with regular shoes. Beginner shoes are usually flat, made with sturdy but flexible material and are able to bend to suit your climbing needs. You can view this page for climbing shoes fit for bouldering.

Chalk Bag

Chalk Bags are another essential item you need when it comes to bouldering or rock climbing in general. The chalk helps you get a good grip on the holds you will be encountering. Additionally, the chalk prevents your hands from sweating which could lead to slippage and in turn falls. Making use of chalk is simple. All you have to do is dip your hands in the chalk bag or make use of chalk balls to coat your hands so they are dry and free from moisture. You can view high quality chalk bags on this page.

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