A Complete Guide To Buying Rock Climbing Gear

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When you are ready to take your first steps on a rock or other natural surface, you will be glad you have all the right climbing gears. From helmets to harnesses and belay devices, there are a wide variety of items that are used in climbing. They help keep you safe and help you get down safely once you have made it to the top. Here are some of the most important items that you should have on your person when you are ready to scale a mountain.

An Overview

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A helmet is one of the most important pieces of climbing gears you will wear. It will protect your head from rocks and other objects you will encounter while you are climbing. You need to find a good quality helmet that will protect your head in all the right spots. A wide assortment of such gear is used in any variety of climbing including indoor climbing gears for professionals and kids who love to climb hills.

Harnesses and belay devices are also popular, as they make climbing easier by keeping you attached to a safer object. The main advantage of these gear is that they help you keep safe once you have made it to the top of a hill. You can get better gears for the bigger steps you will take when you are ready to climb hills easier and longer. Find out what kinds of items are needed for climbing hills easier and find out the places where you will need them.

Essential Parts

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Another essential piece of climbing gear that you should have with you is a pair of climbing shoes. Shoes are an important part of any workout. You cannot work up your muscles without them and wearing the wrong shoes can be very uncomfortable for you. If you are looking for the best climbing shoes, there are several types to choose from. There are lace-ups and sandals, and there are cleats and shoes with spikes in order for you to get better traction on the rocks.

Another important part of any workout is a crank. Climbing gears with cranksets give you the best chance of reaching new heights with ease. You can use both front and back climbing gears to get a better grip on your crampons. There are four types of cranks available for climbing, including a freestyle, alpine, multiple and big wall.

Shoes are very important when you are sport climbing, too. Your climbing shoes should be equipped with the right fit, so that you will be comfortable while you are climbing. Sports climbers need different kinds of climbing gears in order to perform their best. Find out the sport climbing gear that you need for your particular sport.

Final Tip

Other kinds of climbing gears include climbing harnesses and expedition packs. A climbing harness helps you carry all of your gear while you are climbing without having to put it on your shoulders. You can wear a harness attached to your harness, or you can use a separate mountaineering backpack. The backpack is carried high up in the mountains, and the harness acts as a belt that holds your climbing clothing and other equipment. In addition, an expedition pack is usually carried on your back, over your shoulders, to provide additional protection for your other equipment.


Cranksets are another important piece of gear. Your rock climbing shoes will probably not come with crank sets, so you will have to buy one. There are several different kinds of crankets to choose from, including hexagonal crankets, which are more stable than rounded ones; and freeline cranksets, which are much lighter than hexagonal ones. If you plan to do a lot of climbs in the same place where you have already tried your climbing experience, then you may want to consider renting a set of rock climbing gears instead of buying them. You can rent some equipment for cheap, such as $30 for a pair of half rock climbing shoes. However, you will not be able to find the same level of expertise in the gear, and the quality may be less than that of the most expensive brand names.

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